Kent Links

This site will feature photos and documents relating to the history of Borough Green in Kent. It is based on the physical collection of the late Frank Bangay, which is now maintained by his son.

Link pages for Borough Green area and history

Borough Green related

Community website with many local links
Parish Council site
Kent Messenger
West Kent news – Sevenoaks Chronicle
BBC Radio Kent
BG library
Da Joint youth centre
Skatepark info
Isles Quarry
Borough Green news
Bypass related site
BG primary
Wrotham School history
Borough Green Baptist Church
Borough Green Junior FC
A-Z Maps based in BG
Borough Green Sandpits
Greasy Spoon Cafe – 50s nostalgia
Kent Archaeology
Kent Archives and library
Coaches and buses – M & D
Train history
– try wiki for trains
S E_and_Chatham_Railway
Plaxtol History
Kemsing History
Ightham History

7 responses to “Kent Links

  1. Re : Wrotham School history.
    Ian : Try this simple test to arouse my senior citizen, former school friends, from their slumbers.
    Ask them who Harry Smith was, and they will likely respond with a blank stare.
    But if you mention “Pongo Smith”, there should be instant recognition of the author of that history.

  2. Ian : I am making things too difficult – he was known as “Bill” also, and both nicknames would be equally recognizable. But Harry? Nar, not never, not no how.

    • Don’t forget he had a radio show on Radio Medway before it merged to Radio Kent I think and he was known on that as Harry Smith. so those out of the Crouch/Wrotham area may have known him solely through that. It’s also possible that those in the area who did not go to Wrotham School by virtue of the selective 11+ exam may not ever have encountered him.

      He had a lively way and probably encouraged a few to a deeper interest in science. For the inattentive he could perhaps have an intimidating manner, so opinions might be divided on the latter point.

      Not sure I ever heard Bill used of him. The tribute on the scarecrow’s Wrotham site is fitting.

  3. Ian :
    You mention Crouch – later there was a Harry Smith who lived opposite the east end of the Naps, Crouch. And he was probably the Radio Medway man – but I didn’t realise he was the former Bill/Pongo Smith.
    In the late 40’s/early 50’s the Fawcett family lived in that house – it was owned by Perc Ruck.
    Photos from the ‘Harry Smith Horticultural Photographic Collection’ appear in RHS publications, and I was informed that he was the HS living in Crouch.
    Wrotham Road School teacher nicknames also included “Bill” Picton (history) and “Harry” Himbest (woodwork), which I mention to try and confuse those former pupil memories a little.

    • Yes – he lived up there. I recall seeing him there on a cycle ride at some point, the house was up the road from the turning to Invicta fencing, just before the dip. I am 99% sure that the 1965 photo of Clokes shows his wife turning to watch their daughter on the railings. The daughter was a couple of years older than me and Mrs Smith was a class teacher at BGPS for some good while.

  4. If these nicknames seem a little dull – another science teacher, Mr Colton – was referred to as “Doughnut”.

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