Site History


Site transferred to WordPress – Feb 2011

19 feb 2011

Link page to wiki removed – wiki seems to be run along authoritarian lines these days.

Site is moving to – access and simplicity.

May 2010

Added eulogies and tributes about Frank Bangay from diverse sources

Still musing about the use of a blog

25 Sep 2009

Took out link to feedback from as

1) It was getting little use and I wish to close that email account

2) I may link to a blog which will be easier to put things into ( perhaps)

26 June 2008

Asserted simple copyright

Included reference to books within KCC library and codes

20 May 2008

Added photos of Potters Mede site kindly supplied by local resident

10 April 2008

redid external links. Wiki has info on Crampton loco – checked link for Crampton loco in 1882

09 April 2008

verified links to external sites; reviewed churches page ; added some football photos ; verified

photos of Clokes shops

1 Sept 2007

Added recent views where premises have changed hands. Most retail outlets are now different from

1965, many selling other goods or services.

22 Aug 2007

Roman Court booklet added

21 Aug 2007

transport theme added to main lists – 25 such photos.

9 images added to station

19 Aug 2007

10 more images of rail bridge work at Darkhill found and uploaded. See Sevenoaks Road

>90 pictures captioned for 1985-1989 set.

2 pictures of crossroad in 1950s added; photo of Atkins shop in Western Road (?) included. Was in

bundle for Crossroads.

18 Aug 2007

Added more links to external sites; renamed thumbnail pages

Uploaded over 90 pictures from period 1985 – 1989, looking at local businesses and premises.

Put simple feedback form into operation

17 Aug 2007

Created index for cinema pages out of Wrotham Road index, now separate.

Development map 1 now included from 1817. Put into maps pages.

Created text version of “Maps and photos” page in case accessibility issues were being caused by

map, even if unlikely.

Added 1935 football team photo.

15 Aug 2007

More names put on pavilion construction photos.

Shrunk size of BG 2005(now) images.

Added development map booklet DM7 -15 pages in total. Development Map 7 itself to locate. May be

in BG library drawer. Who knows?

Cinema news cutting about demolition of cinema building added.

14 Aug 2007

Added in about 40 images of Clokes shop redevelopment from Summer 1998. These show the shop inner

and the construction of the houses beside Bridge House . they are thumbnailed and seem to work

Updates will continue on the tiscali based site as I do not have broadband access to Orange for


13 August 2007

Added photos of bypass work in 1992, alterations to the Church in 1990s, pictures of Royal Wedding

Street party in Western Road.

Fairfield Gate 1997 added to Wrotham Rd links.

Rear view of Manor house added to Wrotham Road. (1965)

Haul road photos started. (and Smiths pit)

29 March 2006

Changed top nav bar to include CSS buttons to make menu take up less of page .

Nearly completed 1891 census details in table.

25 March 2006

Tythe map from 1841 added

Details from 1891 census as typed in 1993 included. These are image files which I will convert to

text over time once I have typed them in by hand.

March 2006

Added skateboard park photos taken soon after opening in 2005. Sunny October morning.

Index pages made more regular using DW templates – top menu bar made uniform.

Photos from 1950s football album of BGFC included.

Links to related community sites soon.

20 April 2005

Changed link from opening page to go to photos and documents. Made this more graphical based

around a simple map of BG.

This replaces the list of streets. Themes are in the background- this could be more graphical –

needs icons for each theme.

Removed updates from past and present page – put into this file. Need to examine ease of use for

the map system -are lists redundant now?

14 April 2005

The misc groupings of photos on the freeserve site are now deleted and the way to access them is

now through the photos and documents index.

The book Past and Present has now been set into chapters as I suggested I would some

years back. The Friendly Glimpse material is indexed sufficiently well for me to think it

does not need it just yet. The whole book is about 300kb which is not huge. Both books have been

formatted using style sheets which I hope helps readability. If you find there is a colour clash

let me know through the feedback form.

I am gradually adding more photos – the school and Western Road have seen some additions lately.

There is now also a section on maps and posters. The land development maps along with the census

details were what gave the history booklet some of its form. As the plots of land filled with

colour and blocks of buildings, so the village increased in size. And there you have … change

… history in the making. The coming of the railway, development post-war, the arrival of the 4

big housing estates in the early 60s all triggered rapid growth. See the books!

5 April 2005

Moved a number of pages round to streets where they better belonged. Arbitrarily

decided that the Crossroads did not really exist – not as a street anyway and moved items to

relevant streets that make up the crossroads. Tidied up links to pages which took you back to a

different sub-menu. Decided quarrying was better under Basted or Quarry Hill pages – not many

pictures of Smiths Quarry.

I will put a list of what photos went on and roughly when, for those of you who might have missed

something. This will be a rough guide and NOT a site map.

When finding the odd note on the back of some photos I have added it to the page – sorry, but

it’s too much work to include that in the updates.

3 April 2005


Having finally got round to the yellowed and aged newspaper cuttings, it would seem there is

some background information for some of the older photos. In contributions made to the KM and the

Chronicle more information was volunteered to reporters. That info does not readily appear

elsewhere in Dad’s notes. I shall look to transcribe it. Since those newspapers will have archived

their more recent articles you might look to contact them directly for more details. Their on-line

archives start at different dates so I am unsure if you will find those sections among their web


I’ll also look to bring in style sheets so that the books in particular seem better presented on

the screen. They could do with better margins among other things. I am still trying to keep the

site as simple as is reasonably possible. Let me know if there are any broken links, please.

1 April 2005


The school pages are filling out now – the era 1950 –

1978 is taking shape.

Pictures of the station are now included. The fire brigade has more photos included –

names are around for that – I will find them!

Maps are now photographed – I will see if the contrast is good enough to put on the web.

If not then these will have to wait – ever tried to scan a map on an A4 scanner?

More background for the cinema would be interesting – if anyone would like to offer their

recollections of times at the Rex and share them I’ll put them on.

I have colour coded the pages for the different years and tried to make more uniform the

way to access the sub-index, be it a grouping by year or theme.

1965 – gives a yellow background; 1969 – gets a shade of pink; 1982 a light blue; 1999

sees a blend of grey, white and red; 2000 is predominantly light purple.

That should mean that it is easier to pick out the groups. The option to go back to the

table index or to the thumbnails is there too.


Thank you to the people who have offered support

through email and shown an interest in the development of these pages. Those of you farther

afield who have not visited Borough Green lately may like to look on the main page to this site.

there you will see that photos from feb 2005 and some Christmas ones are included. Some are dark

again I am afraid – I made the mistake of thinking that a sunny morning in February would give a

sunny afternoon.



27 March 2005

There is now a feedback form on the freeserve site: see above This should allow

some feedback from viewers of the site. If you can contribute some details this would be most


As it just mails the data to me, it might be easier to put my address in. If you have a request

for information or supportive comments to pass on, it is a bit easier to do now.

My reservation is the mail generated by the bots that crawl the web picking out addresses from

pages. If that gets to be an issue, I’ll take it away but I do hope it can stay there.

Many of the handwritten captions to the photos I have recently been scanning have become detached.

Dad used blutac and after a time this has hardened with inevitable results! Many of the names are

hastily scribbled on the odd bit of paper too. Hence the names Bish and Bush look alike – you get

the idea. He knew what he meant and lots of you out there do too, but it’s a bit like putting

together a jigsaw puzzle with 4 different pictures to work from!

The “Photos and documents page” ( link top right on this page) is now the main page to the more

recently scanned material. This leads off to the newerthemed pages. Generally I have grouped

photos by location. Generally they had been grouped by year. The older material is less easy to

pinpoint – some photos have one date on, then scribbled over. Others have been moved around from

one envelope to another. Some have dates on the back, many do not. Some are indexed according to a

system he was working on with the local library, others not. Where the date or era is most

important (e.g. Silver Jubilee or WWII) this takes priority.

I have not indicated what is new and what is not because I have no idea how frequently people may

view the site. To someone returning after some months it may all look new.

Pictures of the pavilion and the recreation ground added. Pictures of the youth club from 1975 to

come – oh my – 30 years on. Look out for the Bay City Rollers fans.


24 March 2005


I have put some more pictures on. The photo index page now breaks off into streets and

subjects. Mostly I have given streets or palces priority in this page. So for example the Red Lion

appears under Sevenoaks Road. Eventually it will be in pubs as well. It’s these kind of cross

linkings which make this interesting and demanding too. It makes navigating around the site harder

and is why I have left this alone for a while. The thumbnail links to the “ragbag” of pictures is

hidden for now – when I know the links work I’ll put them on.


The different pages give a taste of what is to be

uploaded (eventually) – looking at a page and then finding nothing on it is so



Enjoy the updates!


21 March 2005


Tidied up the links for the 2000 slides and checked

over the 2005 photos from M. Taylor – seem to work. The pages in which the newer photos are found

work smoothly, but are one more link in the chain to go wrong. Let’s so how they fare. The

slides show a few hairs on the scans – stand a long way back from your screen and you will not

notice them.

The increased number of pages means the handy box

across the top is less handy. An alternate menu page is needed. I am not looking to use



20 March 2005


Some photos of Borough Green from 2005 are now included

on the newer part of the site.

I have also uncovered a guestbook page which I shall look to

install. However if it is going to be time consuming to maintain and respond to these then I may

leave it.


If you want to avoid the wanadoo banners that the new

site seems to drag with it, try opening the later links in a new window. I did not design the

pages with a banner in mind.

While grateful to freeserve for the free hosting for so long, I am paying for the

broadband wanadoo service and have no wish to advertise for them.


12 March 2005

Booklets removed from links and from site. A re-seller in London was asking £20 a copy. Given that

these are under copyright I have contacted them to enquire about their actions.

Please bear with me while I try to sort that out. Sorry if that inconveniences you the html source

remains as was.

Meanwhile I am looking to move the contents of the site to the following:


The takeover of freeserve by wanadoo some time back leaves me in some doubt about how long the

freeserve address while still hold. Any of you out there who know could get wanadoo to pass this

info on.

The greater capacity of the site should allow for more material. Don’t hold your breath though.

31 March 2002

The booklets are now off this site on a related site to allow room for more photos. I have

included a common header for many of the index files and have tried to make the thumbnails pages

more like each other, though the file size has crept up a bit.There’s not much room for much more!

Having recently acquired a new scanner, which can scan large format negatives, I shall soon put

images from these on the site.These include some of the well known fire engine.

I shall also upload views which people have kindly lent/sent me. I shall also try to email those

people who have sent me emails to let them know of the updates.

1 October 2000

The booklets are now in a more printer friendly format with the photos included in the pdf files.

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view them.

I have changed my mind about splitting the books into the chaptersas the newer files are smaller

in size and will not take too longto download.

There are more photos to come – I need to watch the size of the site overall as there is a 15 Mb


Limited text index of dark 1999 photos included.

Slides of Summer 2000 included

4 June 1999

I have changed a lot this week (4 June ’99) while trying out MS Front Page 2000 to check the

structure of the site. The latest addition is a clickable version of the aerial photo from 1969,

leading to a view of or from the point clicked. Any offers of aerial photos from other years would

be appreciated!

Copies of the site on CD-ROM should be at the local primary and secondary school next week and a

version with higher quality scans will soon be in the libraries at Borough Green, Tonbridge,

Sevenoaks and with the Kent Centre for Rural Studies. I have removed the mail link for now because

of the silly amount of junk received lately. I shall put it back in a more convoluted form so that

those of you who have questions can put them. (April 2003)

4 June 1999 

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