Updates Aug & Sept 2012

Hello BG photos site visitors.

Please note that an alternate  version of the site was  online at:

http://bgphotos.x10.mx/  ( site ok on 28 April 2014 )

and at:


( 5 Oct 2012) not on a Word press blog but on web pages.

It’s much the same as before except that a few pages have been tweaked to load better and fit the screen in a more friendly way. It has more content.  To reduce the number of files some thumbnails have been replaced by 1 contact sheet with hotlinks on it. The topological map of the village reappears – please WordPress bring back image maps!!!!

I shall look to try to harmonise the 2 sites’ content then see about uploading some more new scanned images.

Thanks to Mike for some prompts to keep on keeping on and to my family for the support and interest. Thanks too to Brian Whiston who has sent on some details of houses on the Fairseat Estate ( Normanhurst) which I have included off Maidstone Road’s entry.

Photos added for Hunts farm Close, Tolsey Mede, Roman Court ( and more Potters Mede). The history of the fire engine is also included. Also to look out for are some aerial shots over the village ( 2001) and a sequence of b/w images from 1968 Basted, showing the effects of the flood. There is an account of a visit to the paper makers based there ,written in 1880.


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