03 March 2013 update

a brief update.

I have been collating census material relating to the Borough Green area and will look to expand the section which currently only includes the year 1891.


4 responses to “03 March 2013 update

  1. Dear Ian, I am need to contact you to ask permission to use some of your material in teaching our local history unit to Years 5 and 6 at Borough Green Primary School. I can’t tell you how invaluable and fascinating your websites and your father’s books are. How do I contact you?
    Stella Martin

  2. campbell higgins

    A relation maybe?

    I’m almost convinced that it was STELLA Martin, who attended Wrotham County Secondary Modern School, during the first half of the 1950s.

    She lived in Offham, was attractive, and a successful participant in sports events. She would remember her PT teacher, Miss Bailey, who later married Tony Williams (the outstanding Ightham CC, opening batsman).

    John Vant, from Wrotham, was still mentioning Stella a few years after leaving school.
    There were other Martins – including boys from Teston and Plaxtol – but I’ll leave it there!

  3. campbell higgins

    And other martins…..

    Bonded to the face of the brickwork, under the eaves at Borough Green Primary School, were the mud nests of the house martins.
    But they were too busy to look down at the girls, as they performed their handstands at the foot of the wall.

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