Old shops

March 2013 – some images to add this weekend of shops and their adverts as found in local guides. Also some submitted by Ed from Otford showing the High Street and the Rex Cinema.

I had no takers on the RAF dance and memories – anyone any ideas?

Link added to local links for Plaxtol History site


See too:

a vision of Britain

I think they must have squinted when they saw Borough Green.


One response to “Old shops

  1. campbell higgins

    I’m a wee bit of a late taker on the RAF dance!
    It helps that there were only a few families with those surnames I’m about to mention.

    Mrs J. Lyons :
    Mother of Peter Lyons.
    Peter also travelled with Malcolm Heaven’s Dad, Eric, on the No. 122 Southdown bus to the Judd School, Tonbridge.

    Miss Laura Naylor :
    John Naylor’s sister.
    The Naylors were the family who farmed below Windy Nob.
    John used to build the Guy Fawkes bonfire at the crest of the Nob.

    Miss Betty Whiffen :
    Sister of Wally Whiffen.
    During the 50s he owned Wally’s Café on Wrotham Road and Whiffen’s Dairy.
    Ron Gill from Maidstone Road was the milkman.

    I’m not 100% sure – but think I’m mostly right.

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