Weather – Dec 2013

My thoughts go out to those coping with the effects of flood, rain and wind damage, little helped by the power failures because of the extremes. All credit to the emergency services and the Environment Agency staff who have their jobs made more difficult by such events. The after effects drag on for months – so be both determined and patient.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the spokesperson on BBC news recently did something of a PR job, stressing that the EA does what it can with the money available. Flood defense budgets were reportedly cut back in 2010 and have only been augmented after serious flood events. You’d have to wonder about looming elections when considering this move. Projects that were under way did in fact suffer in the cuts a couple of years back.

If anyone wishes to submit any images or to send links which I may seek to include of BG coping with this weather, feel free to comment. As other parts of Kent are well covered elsewhere my focus would be on the village.

Happy New year for 2014!


2 responses to “Weather – Dec 2013

  1. I am John Semark, site manager for Bespoke Spas Ltd, currently developing Basted House for the Reynolds Group. I am from Bolton, Lancashire, I am aware that relatives are from the area and wondered if anyone has any info.
    However, the main reason for posting this, is, the fact the information regarding Basted House are very limited. Can anyone provide background, ownership, photo’s etc?.
    Any info would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

    • I’ll look into this. I believe that at times the property has been owned by organizations likely to have kept an archive. Whether that survives to this day is anybody’s guess. If on acquiring the site thorough searches were performed a useful first port of call might be the conveyancing solicitor who may have had access to the deeds and a list of owners. I’d be fairly sure too that some local people will have worked for owners of or on the building itself.

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