Maps and plans added

Under the documents -> maps page you’ll find some views which I shall caption. ( Done)

WordPress galleries have changed and don’t seem to give the option of using the file name as a caption, so naming these images will have to be done manually. This somewhat diminishes the convenience of using a WordPress blog so I will keep this under review.

30 Dec 2013


6 responses to “Maps and plans added

  1. Thanks for the maps. I agree that they do need captions. Some I found a bit hard to understand. We tend to view maps with north at the top, some are the other way round which takes you some time to orientate yourself.
    All are very interesting, I look forward to seeing the titles displayed.

  2. Re : Brian’s Surname.
    This was the first/ only time that I had heard the name ‘Whiston’ connected with BG.
    The only Whistons that I was aware of were from Manchester.
    During the late 40’s, the Tolson family arrived from Manchester – they lived opposite the Naps, Crouch. Miss Griffin, the Junior 3 teacher at BG Primary, quite liked Geoffrey Tolson and “Farewell Manchester, Noble Town Farewell” became the main song that we sang in her class.
    In the early to mid-50’s, the Slater family also arrived from that noble town – living and setting up the butcher business in Western Road. They later located to Four Ways/ BG Crossroads – southeast corner.
    I am not insisting that Brian is from ‘you know where’!

    • Brian was a key source of help with much of my Dad’s work on getting photos restored/reprinted, him and also Invicta Photographic in Western Road.

    • Sorry to disappoint you Campbell. My family originated in Staffordshire (1600’s) moved to Birmingham,then to North London, then South London.
      I moved to Borough Green in 1962. There are Whiston’s in Manchester, Macclesfield and Birmingham.

  3. Brian :
    Evolution :
    Is it possible that your genes, modified by Staffordshire, led you progressively to the vicinity of Potters Mede?
    I hope you feel at peace with your surroundings!

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