Village Hall – 50 years on


The celebration for the Village Hall’s 50 th birthday takes place this weekend.  If you have memories about the building you would like to share, please feel free to add a comment.

I shall look to upload the rest of the booklet in a suitable resolution.



32 responses to “Village Hall – 50 years on

  1. Hi,
    I can remember the village hall in 1953, my grandfather Mr Frank Fuller helped to build it.
    My relatives lived in Borough Green and we the Fullers lived in the cottage at the back of Tudor Cottage on Wrotham Road and my uncle before us.
    I love reading the history of Borough Green as I spent many a happy year rummaging around the orchards and quarries, those were the days.
    Look forward to the village hall history.

    Kind regards
    Christine Fuller

    Sent from chris fuller


  2. campbell higgins

    How’s this for a coincidence?

    Frank Fuller was brought up by his grandmother, and they lived at Long Pond Cottages, Wrotham Road.
    He later moved to Welling, and was a foreman bricklayer/ superintendant on large London projects.
    He had a daughter named Christine.

  3. campbell higgins

    Re : Some of those Fullers who have resided at Long Pond Cottages.

    Frank Fuller, the uncle of Frank in the last post, also lived in that row.
    As did, Frank’s brother Bill and his wife Edith.

  4. campbell higgins

    Chris :
    In your travels –
    Have you ever heard of [brother and sister] Trevor and Christine Fuller?
    Their mother’s name was Florrie.
    And the late Bobby Bean, formerly of Bexleyheath and Welling FC?

    • Christine Fuller

      Hello, yes I am the said Christine Fuller and my brother is Trevor. My mum Florrie and dad Frank have now passed on. I now live near Lincoln and my brother in nearby Sleaford, he moved to lincolnshire when he was in the RAF. I remember all my relatives from BG and some still live there now on the Cunningham side of the family. I loved Borough Green and have some wonderful memories. Eating mouthwatering fish and chips from the cross roads, climbing up the chestnut trees at the station, my uncles strawberrys at Platt, Mr Pastry’s house, he once gave me a toffee, my claim to fame.
      Seeing adders and created newts near the old brickworks and potteries. I could go on forever about wonderful Borough Green it’s a wonderful place.
      Many thanks for the memories in the book.

  5. campbell higgins

    Chris :
    You certainly have quite a few family connections mentioned on this website!
    I’m thinking right now of your Great Auntie? Lilie (pron. Lighly) nee- Cunningham. Her husband Bill Bennett, and their sons Bill and Roddy.
    They lived at the top of Rock Road/ Quarry Hill, by the Coronation Oak.
    So I assume that your grandmother was a Cunningham – and that she lived in Station Road?
    Your memories sure make you sound young for your age!

    • Christine Fuller

      Hello Ian,
      Yes,my grandmother was Nellie Cunningham and Grandad Frank Fuller of Station road. Sadly Nellie died at a young age. She had four sons and one daughter, Frank our Dad, William, George ‘Bandy ‘ but Dad and all in the family called him Blondie, Alfred and Nellie. Frank Fuller junior went to live with his Grandma when his brother William was born as Nellie became too ill to look after him and the new baby, Dad then stayed with his Grandma until he married Florence ‘ Florrie’ Wiltcher.
      Lilie Cunningham and Frank junior were cousins and grew up together at Long Pond Cottages where the Fullers and Cunninghams lived next door to each other. The Bennets, Lilie, Bill sons Roddy and Bill lived at Ivy House where I spent a lot of time trying to make a fishing rod from the huge bamboo plant that grew in the front garden.
      Dad used to play Water Polo with the Borough Green team in long pond at the rear of the cottages and he also played football at times for the club along with George Bandy. Dad’s uncle a Fuller whose name I can’t remember drowned in Long Pond he committed suicide. He lived in the cottage attached to Tudor Cottage. Dad, Frank Fuller then had the cottage and purchased the adjoining one as well, with the intention of turning them into one dwelling but as family rented one cottage that never materialised, Dad hadn’t the heart to ask them to move but we very much enjoyed the other cottage, it had an enormous garden that we grew vegetables in,Dad gave most of them away!
      I have asked my brother Trevor about Bobby Bean but he can not recall him also I have no idea who Abby is but may find out when I speak to Rod Bennet, he and Bill still live in Borough Green.
      I can remember so much about BG that I could go on forever but will end now. Many thanks for your emails.

  6. campbell higgins

    Christine :

    The body of your Dad’s uncle was recovered from Long Pond by Horace Heaven. It was Horace who mentioned to me that your Dad’s nickname at school had been ‘Granny’.

    We’ll forget about Bobby Bean for the moment. But do you remember Bobby Charlton scoring 5 goals for Man Utd versus Bexleyheath & Welling, in the FA Youth Cup – 17th March, 1956?

    After Nelly, your Uncle Albert was the baby of the family? While stationed in Lancashire, as an Army serviceman, I believe that he met and married Mary.
    Albert appeared as an extra in the acclaimed 1939 film, ‘The Four Feathers’.
    John Clements played the part of Harry Faversham – about a decade later, I got his autograph at Richard Hearn’s Garden Party.

    Talk about going on a bit – I won’t ask you about Glen and Roy Cunningham – and Elsie Layberry, right now!

    • Sorry to butt in. I remember Horace Heaven. He taught me to swim in Borough Green Pond. He worked for Curtis & Caine ,and his sister Vera worked in the cash desk at Clokes for many yearsI was born in 1934 and spent the war at Borough Green. Much to tell ,particularly of those years. .

  7. campbell higgins

    Christine :
    The name of your Dad’s uncle was Frank Fuller.
    And he also lived in that Long Pond Cottages row.
    [as November 2, 1:32 pm comment – above].
    There was a higher percentage of men named Frank, in those days!

    • Christine Fuller

      Many thanks for information re uncle and long pond but I am a little confused about the name Frank Fuller as I can not recall a Uncle Frank.
      My Father was Frank Fuller who lived with his grandma at Long Pond cottages his father also called Frank Fuller lived at Station Road he died in1955 when I was 10yrs old. Thinking on, it was all a little odd when he died, I can’t remember the funeral at all but can remember family members gathering at Aunt Lilies ( Rock Road ) very upset and whispering so the children could not hear what was being discussed. Around the same time my mother Florrie and Dad Frank spent a lot of time clearing out the cottage adjoining Tudor Cottage next to Long Pond cottages, that Dads uncle had lived in. I was told my Dads Uncle had drowned in Long Pond and we were taking over the cottage to renovate and eventually live in.
      I am now wondering if the Uncle was in fact my Grandfather Frank Fuller, if so many things that happened would add up and make sense eg:the things in the cottage and all the upset. I was young and simply can’t recall it all as I possibly did not receive all the facts. Not that I took that much notice at the time but after that I was not supposed to go to Long Pond but all us kids still did, naughty children. Hope you can understand all that, as it is confusing somewhat.
      Elsie and Reg Layberry whom I remember very well lived on the Tollgate Estate, my brother and I used to call them Auntie and Uncle but I don’t think they were true relatives. I spent many a happy hour playing at Elsie Mays house, why we called her Elsie May I don’t know. She always had huge saucepans of wonderful stew cooking for what seemed like a army of children, lovely people, so sad Elsie died so young. I seem to recall that Reg Layberry worked at the bus depot but I may be wrong on that one.
      Well Ian will stop carping on as you will have eye ache by now, will try and remember more and also pick my brothers brain when I see him.
      Many thanks for information

  8. campbell higgins

    Christine :
    Frank who drowned, was your grandfather’s first cousin (?), and your dad’s ‘uncle’.
    Lilie was your dad’s aunt, and your great-aunt.

    Your dad’s Uncle Frank had been living in the Long Pond Cottages row – and the clearing out after his funeral, was a couple of years after your grandfather’s funeral.

    Elsie and Reg Layberry were considered to be marvelous parents by all who knew them. Elsie had been a ‘foster child’ Cunningham.
    I can’t quite pin down Reg as working at the BG bus depot – but your Auntie Nelly’s husband Stan, was a bus driver. Probably Southdown – because they lived at Four Throws, Hawkhurst. I think that their daughter Eileen, and Jill Layberry, would have been about your age?

    You wouldn’t have remembered your Uncle Albert – approximately 1947, was probably the last time that he and his wife Mary visited Kent.

  9. campbell higgins

    Christine :
    Have you contacted Ross Layberry during this 21st Century?
    He was a good writer and top of the Junior 3, Boro’ Green Primary School class, the year that he won a scholarship to the Judd School, Tonbridge.

    On July 15, 2000 he contacted the Wrotham Virtual Tour Guide, Guest Book – and left his name and e-mail address; town : Kinburn, near Ottawa; and country : Canada.
    But no comment!

  10. campbell higgins

    Christine :
    People are still working this out!

    With your dad’s mother being nee-Cunningham, and his ‘foster mother’ being her mum, that certainly linked you greatly to both the Fullers and the Cunninghams, didn’t it?

    Actually, I was asked to submit this by readers, who say it’s no wonder you are so interested in Borough Green. I’m also a little confused myself!

  11. campbell higgins

    Re : Photos,
    – of your dad : THEMED/ Transport/ 7th row down at right
    – and your Auntie Lilie : DOCS/ Basted/ 2nd row down at right [back row, 2nd from right].

    Aren’t they unmistakable likenesses?
    Your dad not yet with his moustache, and Lilie so young in 1912!

    Is there any chance that you have a copy of that photo of your dad – with the year taken on reverse?
    Maybe an enthusiast can inform us of the make, model and year of his motorcycle.

  12. campbell higgins

    Christine :
    Several of us are quite hungry for any further info that you may have gleaned while conversing with your brother Trevor, and/ or Bill and Roddie Bennett.
    And we hope that the sea temperatures are continuing to reduce the likelihood of sharp winter frosts in Lincoln.
    It’s your 70th birthday this year, isn’t it? All the best!

  13. campbell higgins

    Christine :
    Re : THEMED – Recreation Ground : lower left photo.
    The more I look at your grandfather, Frank Fuller, the younger he looks – and the older I feel.
    It’s fortunate that he didn’t shave off his moustache and appear younger.

  14. campbell higgins

    Christine :
    Re : Your comment of December 18th – ‘my uncle’s strawberries at Platt’.

    You sure know your parishes – but you did cut it fine!
    Your uncle resided in Claygate Cross – in the parish of Plaxtol.
    But almost all of the strawberry field, and rest of the farm, was in Platt parish.
    So you were probably criss-crossing the border while eating fruit.

    • Christine Fuller

      Thanks for all the updates, it’s very interesting and I intend to write again soon.
      Can anyone remember the brick kilns and ponds where created newts swam,they were over the road from long pond cottages and about three fields in from the road?
      What with a long break in France and moving house I’m afraid I’ve neglected everyone a little of late.
      Thanks once again

  15. campbell higgins

    Christine :
    You may also have been thinking about the wild strawberries which grew around the cobnut trees.
    With the sunlight shining through they looked nice, didn’t they?

  16. campbell higgins

    Re : The two, March 31 comments.

    Some in the local old folk’s home, are wondering what causes the above-captioned to go away – and then return every few, or several or so days.
    I have to confess, that I partly submitted this to curb their asking me!

    • I have now removed the “coming soon” as the event has happened. I have uploaded the content of the booklet.
      If things appear and reappear I would blame Michael Gove. There’s no particular reason for that, it’s just that I feel all blame should be heaped on his shoulders, at every opportunity.
      [later] : actually anyone looking to reduce access to human rights, even if that access is already reduced by financial means, should be viewed with deep suspicion tempered with a modicum of hostility.

  17. campbell higgins

    Re : Mike Daniels – May 4, 2015.

    Len? Daniels had a company based in Ightham, which was involved in the building industry during the 1950s.
    Bill Ladbrook – mentioned in some comments – worked for him as a painter and decorator.
    I’m almost certain that Mr. Daniels had a son named Mike Daniels.
    I wonder if the 2 Mikes are related?

  18. campbell higgins

    Ian :
    Do the two March 31 comments ever appear your end?

    • I will investigate – they were pending. I had put them on hold as I was mystified at the time to the relevance to the page on which they were posted, meaning to go back and verify this. In due course I forgot to review them – that’s all.

  19. campbell higgins

    Christine :
    Re : The brick kilns and ponds, a mile or so east, of Wrotham Road.

    You are referring to ‘Platt Brickyard’.
    I’ll have to leave it to others to mention the adders and newts. I didn’t really spend a great deal of time there, and can’t quite remember them at the moment.
    But I do remember seeing your cousin, Alan, fishing there.

    Spencer’s Cottages, Station Road – where your grandfather lived – were built by the owner of Platt Brickworks during the 1870s, and named after him.

    • Having approved the comments earlier and raised the matter of relevance, I would politely suggest that discussing Platt brickyards and Spencer Cottages under an article about the Village Hall is seriously unlikely to get many other readers.

  20. John Carruthers

    Many wonder what the stats tell about readership activity at this most interesting website Mr. B. – and are pleased that you continue to keep on, keeping on the good work.
    Thank you, from us all.
    Are you getting excited about Christmas?

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