Has anybody here seen Kelly?

Actually the person in question here is called Mary. For details of what I am referring to please see Mike Taylor’s site:


Perhaps a few readers might recognise the building and have pictures of the people shown.



Apologies to Florrie Ford.


8 responses to “Has anybody here seen Kelly?

  1. campbell higgins

    Mike mentioned several days ago that a family member from the photo had come forward – and there is more to follow.
    Interest in this is continuing to build at a colossal rate, as people check back.
    They hope they will not have to wait too long – and the read will not be too brief!

  2. campbell higgins

    Has anybody here seen that info – yet?
    There are interested senior citizens now chomping at the bit – wondering if the visitor number count will be up to 116,000 by the time it appears at boroughgreen-news.com
    Patience is a virtue – as my Mum used to say – so many times!

    • My understanding from reading Mike’s site is that someone has come forward.

      I am meanwhile contemplating how to incorporate Simon Bate’s “Our tune” background music to give a suitable ambiance when reading this post.

  3. Yes Mum,
    I am being patient – but that visitor number count is now up to 116,676.
    Before Ian mentioned ‘Our Tune’ background music, I was thinking of something by Florrie Forde or Marie Lloyd.
    I haven’t quite got used to that modern ‘ambience’ type stuff, just yet.

  4. campbell higgins

    Now up to 118,337!
    I haven’t seen that visitor number count shoot up so rapidly before.

    Mike’s asking if we’ve got any frogspawn.
    We called tapioca that, during BG Primary School dinner times.

    Anyway, it’s needed for a new pond, and they will pick up.
    I wonder how large the pond is? And if a trade can be arranged, with them coming up with that post?

  5. campbell higgins

    Count now up to 129,324!

    And news/ details of FIFA having possibly subsidized the installation of football pitches at Potters Mede and Wrotham School hasn’t hit the headlines yet.

    • I think you will find that Jack Warner will remain very silent on the matter of Kent pitches and grounds. Wiser heads than mine may choose to read a lot into his silence. He said he was in fear for his life.

  6. campbell higgins

    Yes, and FIFA officials have been a little concerned about their safety for a few years now.
    I was reading somewhere, that shortly before the opening of Potters Mede, Sepp was checking on the rental rates of stylish asbestos suits.

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