Site re-vamp Aug 2015

“They’re back” ( O’Rourke 1986)

Following a review of the site, I am in the process of recasting the pages so that they are grouped more by  location first, with identifiable year groupings second.

Please bear with me. Pages may move around over the next few days. Content is otherwise back.

In addition after a prolonged absence the hot spot image map is back – I bet you missed it. So for those of you with tablets things might get even easier.


14 responses to “Site re-vamp Aug 2015

  1. Ian I am so pleased to see the website up and running again. We have missed it. What is the hot spot image map? Not so keen on the adverts though.

    • It was a case of working through the night. The adverts can be hidden by using an ad-blocker within a browser, which for some are available for free. I d not get to see any ads on here.

      The link map is under the themed tab, the first one down. WordPress had refused to let it function, but there is a work-a-round.

  2. If at first you don’t succeed,
    Try, try, again.
    Try and try again.

    I hope that Campbell doesn’t give up trying to help increase the amount of responses to this fascinating website.
    I think that was something he had in mind.

  3. I suppose that I shouldn’t really bother you with this Ian – but item headings that most readers [who converse with me] cannot easily seem to find are at the base of the THEMED list.
    I personally think that the arrangement is very good, as is.

  4. John Carruthers

    I’m not seeking transparency Ian, but am wondering how long it currently takes for non-approval/or approval, of comments.
    Happy new year!

  5. John Carruthers

    September 1, 2015 – “If at first you don’t succeed” quotation/proverb.
    Is credited to William Edward Hickson (1803-1870).
    He died in Fairseat and is buried in St. Mary the Virgin churchyard, Stansted.

  6. John Carruthers

    ATT : C.A.D. / Comment Approval Dept.

    I do not wish to get on your nerves mate – you’re still doing a grand job.
    Is Sanatogen Nerve Tonic still about?
    My mum and dad lived on it during the 1950s.

    I think there are 5 or 6 comments in the pipeline.
    No rush! Just to let you know.
    Have you cut down your Christmas tree yet?

    • Time slipped by, as often it does. I had thought I had approved the recent ones. I think I paused when I noticed that something about one location had appeared under a totally different one, thought to copy it across then was dramtically called away. Or my web connection failed.

  7. John Carruthers

    Ian mate, pleased to see you are keeping up the good work.
    ‘Awaiting moderation’ :

    April 16.
    PAST & PRESENT, Chapter 2.
    THEMED, Basted.
    THEMED, Sport, Football in 50s.

    April 17.
    FRIENDLY GLIMPSE, A Friendly Glimpse.
    THEMED, Village – East, Hill View.

  8. John Carruthers

    Don’t want to bug you, Ian mate.
    Wordpress again

    June 10.
    PAST & PRESENT, Chapter 3.

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