R I P – EEH Field

RIP Mr Field


A man whose qualities are extolled on a number of pages in this blog, who served as Heateacher at the primary school for many years.




9 responses to “R I P – EEH Field

  1. I attended the funeral. Alec Broad was also there.

  2. Heavens!

    I thought he was old when I was at Primary!!


    On Sat, 15 Apr 2017 12:30:19 -0400, Borough Green photos wrote: >

    • Indeed – he would have been 32 when he started as a head. To anybody of 11 years or under 32 is already quite old. 32 was for those times quite a young age to become a head, not exceptional, but not common either. The post war years saw a shortage of qualified & experienced teachers for obvious reasons.

  3. John Carruthers

    I commenced attending BG Primary, the year that disciplinarian Mr. Hickman became Headmaster.
    Just my rotten luck!

    See : FRIENDLY GLIMPSE – A Friendly Glimpse.
    Compare the photo in which grumpy Mr. Hickman appears, with that which shows the following Headmaster – grinning Mr. Field.

    Colin Mann : Is that Alec Broad, the Sevenoaks and District Football League referee – with the bushy ginger beard, short shorts, and long white legs?

  4. John Carruthers

    Colin Mann : Are you related to Sue Mann?

  5. Mr Field, we all called him frog eyes!! RIP Mr Field. Mr and Mrs Hickman were our neighbours on Maidstone road when they were pensioners.

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