R I P – EEH Field

RIP Mr Field


A man whose qualities are extolled on a number of pages in this blog, who served as Heateacher at the primary school for many years.




8 responses to “R I P – EEH Field

  1. I attended the funeral. Alec Broad was also there.

  2. Heavens!

    I thought he was old when I was at Primary!!


    On Sat, 15 Apr 2017 12:30:19 -0400, Borough Green photos wrote: >

    • Indeed – he would have been 32 when he started as a head. To anybody of 11 years or under 32 is already quite old. 32 was for those times quite a young age to become a head, not exceptional, but not common either. The post war years saw a shortage of qualified & experienced teachers for obvious reasons.

  3. John Carruthers

    I commenced attending BG Primary, the year that disciplinarian Mr. Hickman became Headmaster.
    Just my rotten luck!

    See : FRIENDLY GLIMPSE – A Friendly Glimpse.
    Compare the photo in which grumpy Mr. Hickman appears, with that which shows the following Headmaster – grinning Mr. Field.

    Colin Mann : Is that Alec Broad, the Sevenoaks and District Football League referee – with the bushy ginger beard, short shorts, and long white legs?

  4. John Carruthers

    Colin Mann : Are you related to Sue Mann?

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