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6 responses to “Chat page

  1. can anyone tell me the names of the landlord and lady of the railway hotel in the late 60.s thank you

  2. Hi Ian, does Campbell Higgins still post on here, I am trying to contact him.

    • Campbell is not posting. For some reason posts appeared under another name.
      Some contributors began to ask questions about how John Carruthers knew so much about their family. As no answer was forthcoming I chose to unapprove all of John’s posts, including the replies to those. That John’s posts started soon ( read straight) after Campbell’s stopped seemed to suggest a link. Style-wise they looked close too. Other people have tried to make contact but Campbell never posted with a functioning email ( i.e. if verified it failed.)

      • Barry Fisher

        Thanks Ian.

      • If some clarity emerges I am happy to re-approve the post credited to John. All the while things seem vague and people have expressed concern, the sensible thing seems to be to leave them out. If people make comments they need to own them, whoever they may be.

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