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  1. can anyone tell me the names of the landlord and lady of the railway hotel in the late 60.s thank you

  2. Hi Ian, does Campbell Higgins still post on here, I am trying to contact him.

    • Campbell is not posting. For some reason posts appeared under another name.
      Some contributors began to ask questions about how John Carruthers knew so much about their family. As no answer was forthcoming I chose to unapprove all of John’s posts, including the replies to those. That John’s posts started soon ( read straight) after Campbell’s stopped seemed to suggest a link. Style-wise they looked close too. Other people have tried to make contact but Campbell never posted with a functioning email ( i.e. if verified it failed.)

      • Barry Fisher

        Thanks Ian.

      • If some clarity emerges I am happy to re-approve the post credited to John. All the while things seem vague and people have expressed concern, the sensible thing seems to be to leave them out. If people make comments they need to own them, whoever they may be.

  3. Can you please tell me whether this most excellent web site is still `active?` I have just rediscovered it after too long and I greatly enjoyed the time I spent a few years ago now enjoying the chat and the history of the area. Many thnks – hope all is well with you.

    • Active to a degree, in that comments are reviewed before approval and a reply made if needed. In terms of actively creating more content, not so much. Pretty much all the material which can sensibly be added has been. On some days recently there have been over 250 independent viewers on the site, which is encouraging. I am thinking to bundle up a few papers and send down South via a suitable courier. Originally I was thinking to send things to the archive in Maidstone, but cut backs to budgets and rising transport costs persuade me that BG would be better. However old papers need proper storage and reduced humidity – not easy to achieve.

  4. My Grandfather, George Crowhurst, and his mother moved into his Uncle’s Jacobs house (Whiffen’s Farm) across from the Baptist Church in 1920 after the death of his father in early 1920’s. Until that time he’d been living at Archbishop’s Palace in Wrotham. I’m just wondering if there is anywhere I can find out the history of Whiffen’s Farm, did it make clay tiles or actual dairy or crop farming? I have a photo of the house in my living room that I believe was taken in the 1920’s along with photos of the house and people who I think are Crowhursts standing in front. I’ve done our family tree and see Jacob and his family lived there for many years prior to my Grandfather moving in. Would Jacob have owned it or leased it? Thanks for any insight anyone can give.

    • Sorry for the delay in posting a reply – some emails have not come through to the associated account.
      Have you looked on the census for details of where people were before 1920? I would imagine that the 1921 census might be released this year.
      The 1911 one came out early as many from that time would no longer be with us. the same is not true for 1921.

  5. Hi Ian. The Parish Council now has a dedicated archive room at Potters Mede, and I have been slowly moving my stuff up there, Jackie started to complain she couldn’t get through the door. I am sure you still keep tabs on the websites, so are probably more up to date than many of our residents. You are probably aware that we have been able to buy or scrounge several pieces of land recently, and to that end I am setting up a file for the archive listing all those bits of land and how we got them. I have been puzzled by where Potters Mede came from, our Land registry documents only show us as owner, not who gave them to us. Rosemary Dryland told me the other day that it was donated by Frank “Mac” Oliver. Do you have any documentation relative to that transfer, I know your Dad was heavily involved. I have also unearthed all the BGPC minutes from inauguration in 1934 to the 80s, which gives me the background to the Rec, but not yet PM. Stay Safe, Mike

    • Thanks Mike. Things have been a little bit heavy going of late, depsite not really having much to do.
      I shall see if there are any documents like that around, but would be pretty sure that anything in the way of deeds or such like would have been in the full parish records.
      I suspect that TMBC oversaw the transaction. Things such as that, Dad was sure that council solicitors and such like had a full overview of what was happening and who was involved.
      I shall have a rummage but nothing comes to mind on that. The TMBC councillor who would have been hand on was Mike Stone and also Barry Hughes.

      At some point I shall look to send things south with a suitable courier. As previosuly reported there is little of note that is not already with other people. Without seeming morbid the pandemic has focused the mind on the “what ifs” and “what will happen if I am not here” type of questions.

      I had my jab yesterday and apart from a sore arm seem to be ok with it.Hope all are well.

    • A few minutes later – pretty sure it was the TMBC cllrs who had charge of this and Dad was second fiddle in land acquisition. Checking with West Malling / Tonbridge what they have on record would be a step I’d recommend.

  6. Thanks, Ian. Good to know you are still alive and kicking. Sue Murray has been trying to contact you as well. Incidentally, we recently dedicated the new close near the Doctor’s surgery to Big Jim Allingham, ex quarryman, and it got me miusing about the reasons for all the other streetnames, and it was quite fascinating. We think we have nailed them all except Tilton and Abbott.. Thong Lane is also a problem, but a mediaeval name. “Streetnames” is on all the websites, and makes interesting reading. Are you still on the same email address, I have a very interesting pic of a gathering in the old Sentinel Workshops, and Steve Russell and I have managed to name all but two.
    Best regards

    • Although seemingly not a lot is happening time has been tight so to speak. I have found the PM folder and there’s nothing in it that may be relevant. I shall go through other papers but am not optimistic for the reasons previously explained that the transfer of the land was handled at borough level. My understanding was limited but I thought that in effect the PC had the land on a lease from TMBC. As most of this happened while I was at uni up here I got only fragments. With many things related to the land and the building Dad was sort of second fiddle, the guy on the ground but decisions were being made at a different level. That’s not meant to sound like I am demeaning anybody’s effort, simply that some matters were not treated in full at PC level. They should however figure in the minutes from that time and any reports submitted should also be within parish records.
      Yes I am on the same email address.
      Tilton I would have assumed was named after the house of that name on Sevenoaks Road., Abbott I should know and will re-read some things. That is to say I think it’s a local figure and should feature somewhere or other. if you have photos to send on, please do.

  7. Patricia Wallace

    My Dad also worked at the Quarry all his life until he retired. His name Ernest Garland. He lived in Borough Green all his life down at Sunnyside Sevenoaks Road. None of the estates were around then. He was born at Long Pond opposite the old Police Station but unfortunately we don’t have many old photos back from then.

  8. Hi Ian, I have several photographs that I think may interest you. If you send me an address I will post them to you. You will probably remember me, Jenny Dodds (nee Woodhams) I used to live in Western Road.

  9. Just picking up on previous posts – Peg and Dudley were Pearsons, Rosemary Dryland just told us – all that brain wracking, and she came straight out with it when we asked. I knew Ernie Garland well when I worked at ARC Stangate 68-77, he used to run the stone dryer in those days. Re Potters Mede – we have established that Frank (Mac) Oliver did own the fields, and Land Registry have tracked down the plans for me. I was also wondering whether Holly’s George Crowhurst was the same family as Crowhurst Farm/ Crowhurst Lane family. My Streetnames says Crowhurst Rd is named after them, and George could be the same family, If not, the fact that Woodlands was built on land that was Whiffen’s Farm would explain the name more accurately.

    • The development maps for Woodlands which should be among those in the Parish Archive may show the name of that area of land before the houses went up. I have searched on ancestry using the name Abbott and found nobody of note showing locally on the census with that name , that’s 1911 and before. Not sure quite when the 1921 data will in the public domain. I found 1 match which I think can be ruled out.

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