Various documents and posters relating to the 1977 Silver Jubilee in Borough Green with letters given to the villagers and a primary school programme.

2 responses to “1977-Jubilee

  1. campbell higgins

    Ian :
    There’s a letter (at right, top row) that your father sent to Snopper Pete Hopgood, enclosing a cheque for 50 pounds.
    He didn’t mention that – but did admit his memories were a little vague.

  2. campbell higgins

    Apparently, Gillian Lum, who hasn’t seen Snopper Pete (the former Basted CC captain) for MANY years, was thinking of contacting him – to find out what his title was at MRDC during that time.

    Peter’s father-in-law, W.C. (Bill) Webb, used to mention that he was quite important.

    Gillian used to live next to Peter, on the west side of the Royal Oak, in Wrotham Heath. Her mother had a restaurant – a few of us used to bike over from BG to talk to Gillian outside of same – unfortunately, she liked Ralph Gill (from Maidstone Rd.) more than myself and the others.
    Anyway, she said that Snopper Pete cannot be reached at the moment – his computer has croaked!

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