Fire brigade


2 responses to “Fire brigade

  1. See photo, lower row at right.

    Seated at centre is fire engine driver, Bill Kennett.
    He and his brother ran the main local taxi service; both were drivers for same.

    With the sound of the fire station siren exciting young onlookers, Bill would arrive in his taxi.
    Quickly on to the fire engine driver’s seat, and with firemen hanging on, they turned on to Maidstone Road.
    With sirens blaring; one of Bill’s hands steering – the other adjusting and doing up buttons on his jacket, etc. – they sped off to the fire.
    I wonder how often Bill’s distinctive beard was singed?

  2. John Carruthers

    Bill K. had a very good family relationship with his daughter.
    I remember them walking to Claygate Cross on Sunday mornings. At Dr. Leslie Packham’s farm, they picked wild strawberries which thrived in the clay soil around the cobnut trees. The manner in which the wands had been removed in early autumn, afforded the berries an ideal amount of sunshine. Nut picking season was later.
    I think Bill’s daughter would be in her early eighties about now.

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