World Wars

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  1. campbell higgins

    Partly because of World War 2 :
    I was born at Nurses Cottage [Nurse Oliver], Fairseat; in the Stansted Rural District.
    In the Registration Sub-District of Wrotham.

  2. campbell higgins

    If you don’t count the importance of my parents and County Councils in this, it was pretty well because of WW2.

  3. campbell higgins

    I assume that Mrs Weller (with evacuee, Ann, in the June 1942 photo) was the wife of Fred Weller, the former Hon. Secretary of Boro’ Green FC.
    There were quite a few evacuees from the Woolwich/ Plumstead area, especially.
    When I mentioned County Councils I was referring to KCC and LCC. They worked together on many of the arrangements.

  4. campbell higgins

    I’ve just seen a 2001 comment, on the Wrotham Tour Guest Book.
    The writer mentions that he was born March 1943, in a wartime Wrotham ‘Cottage Hospital’.
    He wanted to know if it was demolished or replaced, and where exactly it was located.

    I wonder if he was also born at Nurses Cottage, Fairseat?
    I know nothing more about that building, or it’s accurate location – only what’s on my birth certificate!
    Does anyone have information regarding same?

  5. campbell higgins

    I’ve just seen a 2001 comment on the Wrotham Tour Guest Book.
    The writer mentioned that he was born March 1943, in a Wrotham wartime ‘Cottage Hospital’.
    He wanted to know if it was demolished or replaced, and where exactly it was located.

    I wonder if he was also born at Nurses Cottage, Fairseat?
    I don’t know anything more about the building, or it’s precise location – only what’s on my birth certificate!
    Does anyone else have any information regarding same?

  6. campbell higgins

    Re : FRIENDLY GLIMPSE – A Friendly Glimpse – Chapter Nine.

    It is mentioned that when WW2, “started in 1939,” there was a “sudden influx of staff and children from the London areas. (At least 30 of these evacuated children stayed on to live in the area.)”

    Apparently a few (don’t know how many) of the lady evacuees from the London areas, gave birth to children at Nurses Cottage, Fairseat.
    And I’ve heard that 1 or 2 or …? of those babies later stayed in the area with foster parents, who were compensated by LCC.
    Mrs Killick from Winfield Guest House, Crouch, made some of those arrangements.

  7. campbell higgins

    See : PAST & PRESENT – Chapter 6/ Sports. July 21, 2014.

    Shirley Goldsmith’s home, by ‘The Hurst’ road in Crouch, was officially known (I have just found out) as ‘Doll’s Cottage’.
    It had fine views over Plaxtol and the west side of the deep valley which cuts through the Greensand ridge.
    With the gentle, well-drained slopes ideally suited to tree fruits, “May Springtime clothed the innumerable orchards with clotted blossom.” [more or less borrowed – no prize required!].

    During WW2, Doll’s Cottage became ‘semi-detached’, with 8 Land Army girls living ‘next door’ to Shirley, and working at Winfield Farm.
    One of them, the ever-cheerful Monica Luscombe, married fellow-farmworker Bob Gardner, who lived at Claygate Cross.
    At the end of the War, Doll’s Cottage reverted back to being ‘one house.’

    A decade later, early in her marriage, Shirley and Flash were living next door to Bob Gardner’s mother (“Granny Gardner”) for a couple of years, at Claygate Cross.

  8. campbell higgins

    Doll’s Cottage was known for the appropriateness of it’s name, especially when seen from Plaxtol and vantage points on the west side of the valley.
    And by passengers on the No. 122 light blue, double decker Southdown bus – as it travelled near the horizon, along the A227 – past Malman’s, and other farms.

  9. campbell higgins

    A few notes : for those mentioning Parish boundaries at the sloped-sided cut through the Greensand ridge.

    Doll’s Cottage : Is in Plaxtol Parish – south and west of the boundary with Platt Parish.
    A227 bus route : Ightham Parish.
    Basted : Platt (primarily), and Plaxtol Parishes.

    At the southwest of our Parish, Borough Green adjoins the Parish of Plaxtol.
    The southern extremity of Platt Parish, reaches to the Parish of West Peckham at Hurst Wood/ Gover Hill.
    If the Parish of St Mary’s Platt, could make 2 little leaps to Ightham and Trottiscliffe, that would make 9 border neighbours for them.

  10. campbell higgins

    But, if any change to the boundaries since 1957, alters the foregoing – well, nobody told me!

  11. campbell higgins

    For those who need an early reminder about sending birthday cards :
    Shirley nee – Goldsmith will become an octogenarian on the 28th of September.
    She actually looks about 64, and there is a battle to sit at her table at AgeCare (I think it’s called that?).

  12. campbell higgins

    Man, I’ve been getting some flak lately.
    Of course, the old folk’s drop-in centre that Shirley attends is named Age Concern.
    I apologise here, right now – I’m extremely sorry!
    And Shirley, when I saw you out shopping yesterday you didn’t look a day older than 63!

  13. campbell higgins

    See : Scouts Victory Parade, 1945 – At mid-point of photo, below the J.E.Baldock Chemist canopy.

    Marching closer to the curb – between the 2 nearside scouts with very similar clothed appearance – is Shirley’s future husband, Alan “Flash” Fuller of Claygate Cross.

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