Friendly Glimpse

Elementary and Primary Education in Borough Green –

A Friendly Glimpse




Chapter 1 The Beginnings 1870-1914
Chapter 2 The First World War Years 1914-1918
Chapter 3 Academics, Epidemics & Weather Between the Wars 1918-1938
Chapter 4 Bombs, Bullets & Billets 1939-1945 Education during World War Two
Chapter 5 Settling Down 1945-1956
Chapter 6 Improvements Instigated 1956-1983
Chapter 7 Improvements Continued 1983-1988
Chapter 8 Concluding Remark
Chapter 9 An Evocation of Learning
I Bangay
May 1999
April 2005
Control no. BX89120297
Information code 041122s1989 en W 00000 eng
Class 372.94223

2 responses to “Friendly Glimpse

  1. I am looking for A. Original newspaper comments on the opening of The Rex Cinema in 1923. B> any pics of cinema inside or out. My new book The Rex is based on my memories of this my first cinema experiance as a kid living in Ightham. Email me. Will pay for anything that has to be sent to me here in Eastbourne. Thanks

    • I am afraid I don’t have access to materials from that time and to the best of my knowledge there are no cuttings about this in what Dad collected. The best source I can think of is the Sevenoaks Chronicle archive that the library should have. It was on microfiche so I’d guess it’s now been digitised.

      in addition some content is online from the paper’s own site. It may be worth registering to find out if content goes back that far.

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