Ch 7

Chapter Seven


On 6th September 1983, we saw the advent of Miss Pickard as Head Teacher, the first female teacher to hold the position. The roll at the school was now 194, with the Head and six teachers. In October two teachers went on a 2-day course on the Use of Microcomputers; Information Technology had arrived! November saw a meeting to discuss privatised cleaning.

In December the school added to its fame, when the ‘Dance Nativity’, produced by Miss Coates, was shown on T.V.S. at Christmas. The school was on T.V.S. again in October 1984, and there was a third appearance in July 1986, when the Rev. Tony Powell produced a mock Royal Wedding.

In May 1984 Mr Willard, a local farrier, brought his portable forge to the school and gave a demonstration of how to shoe a horse. In October, the children planted 50 pots of wild flowers to create a nature area, and in November, one hundred and ninety three trees, supplied by the Kent Education Committee, were planted by the children in the school meadow.

In November there was a ‘Book Week’ to celebrate the opening of the new library and computer room in Room 8.

1985 opened with a visit to the London Museum, and a performance of the Nut Cracker at Covent Garden. This was a visit of special significance as a pupil from the school, Neil Dugay, had won a national competition to design the costumes.

In June there was a two day course at Borough Green, on the Use of Computers, for surrounding schools making use of the school’s equipment.

July 8th and 9th were Open Days to mark the completion of the school’s contribution to the Domesday project.

In 1986 the school commenced new maths schemes, with the result that once again Borough Green is visited by other schools and academics to draw on the staff’s expertise and experience. Between 3rd March and 7th March a sponsored maths effort raised £1,100 for the school. By 3rd May 1986 the school had two BBC microcomputers in use, and two Nimbus ones.

By November the pupils had raised £600 for Save the Children Fund, as a result of their efforts over two years.

On 20th November there was a technology competition for local schools- Borough Green won their section.

In 1987 we find history repeating itself. In January there were four days heavy snow, the roads were paralysed and the school was shut for one week. If we remember earlier years, they used to cope!

School numbers were increasing, and by September the roll was up to

243. In October came the hurricane that devastated the south-east of England. Fortunately the school only lost some tiles, though a few trees were damaged.

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