Ch 8

Chapter Eight


Christmas 1987 came and went and before I realised it, so had 1988. I am hoping that this little book has proved of interest to some, brought back memories for others, and shown that history is both past and present in a tradition that carries on into the future.

Omissions there may be – who can forget the water pistols in 1930, when the water consumption at the school was supposed to have doubled? Mr Hall collected them all and then ceremoniously cast them into the school’s furnace. What about the boy who left the fingerprint on Mr Hall’s car? Or yet again the mallet yielded by a certain gentleman! We will all have our own vivid memories of the school, which will have particular meaning only to us. No-one will have been untouched by their years at Borough Green Primary School. I trust this book will help you remember, not only staff but your school friends. Where are they all now?

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