No doubt whilst you have read these pages, the memories have been flooding back. For more recent generations the quantity will be less, but their nostalgic quality is undiminished. The village happily accepted the new estates, and more importantly the people who live on them, who brought new life, new ideas and enthusiasms which naturally percolated through the school.

Over eight thousand children have passed through the school’s portals since they opened in 1911. Some of these first pupils are still with us.

From woodwork to word processors, cookery to calculators, basket-making to basic, times change for succeeding generations, with teachers and pupils all absorbing the new subjects. Where will the future lie? Will they rely only on these calculators and computers? Television replacing teachers, telepathy for all? In the name of all the dedicated staff who have served Borough Green so well, I hope not.


March 1989

Control no. BX89120297
Information code 041122s1989 en W 00000 eng
Class 372.94223
Author Bangay, Frank G.
Title Elementary and primary education in Borough Green: a friendly glimpse
Publisher/date The Author, 1989
Physical description 31p., illus., pbk

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