Past & Present

Borough Green

Past and Present


During the last few years many people have urged me to write a Borough Green history, none more so than the village librarians. A certain gentleman from a neighbouring village once ventured that Borough Green had no history. I have never forgotten that remark. I hope that these few pages will disprove it. It is not my intention to include everything and I hope that the reader will excuse any omissions. Village societies are the backbone of rural life and most have their minutes and scrapbooks. I have endeavoured to keep the book on a local level without overly many facts and figures. As the title “Past and Present” implies, we wander through the years till today. Today’s happenings will in turn be history in the next century. It might well then be written that HM Queen Elizabeth II repeated the Virgin Queen’s journey, passing through the village in 1989. Perhaps too that Channel tunnel traffic started speeding through the the area, Europe bound. I am very much indebted to my two sons, Brian and Ian, for typing and editing my jottings and notes. So dear reader, to the matter in hand …


Frank G. Bangay

Dedicated to the memory of Edna whose help and interest started this local history trail.



Page number (from book)

Preface 1
Chapter 1 Early Life, Folk and Fauna 3
Chapter 2 Early Growth 9
Chapter 3 Streets and Shops 14
Chapter 4 Religion 26
Chapter 5 Services 38
Chapter 6 Sports 33
Postscript 36
Individual Photos links
Quarry Fissures 4
The Old Black Horse 6
The Rock Tavern 7
Railway station staff 12
High Street 1901 14
The Bank – Open on Fridays 15
High Street North 18
The Cross Roads 19
Chapel Street 20
Station Road 23
Church of the Good Shepherd 26
Football team 32
Marathon race 33
Train in station Cover

Control no. BX94078314
Information code 030805s1994 en W 00000 eng
Class 942.23 BORO
Author Bangay, Frank G.
Title Borough Green past and present
Publisher/date The author, 1994
Physical description 36p., illus., pbk

3 responses to “Past & Present

  1. heather woodhams

    how can I buy a copy of the book for my husband JOHN WOODHAMS, whose family date back 150 years plus in Borough Green ?

    • The book is out of print and there is not a large enough demand to get a print run going. This would be extremely costly.

      The full content of the book is available online for free which has proved to be a more cost effective way of making the material available 7 days a week right across the globe.

  2. heather woodhams

    John cannot remember you, but is enjoying remembering all the old football friends..especially the meetings at the Railway hotel….now a Sainsburys quick shop…

    are you living in Borough Green? Many of our old friends and old footballers/ cricketers are still in the area….
    We try to visit 2-3 times a year…but keep in touch mainly via the phone…….John likes to talk to people and is not up with the internet
    Good to hear from you again and look forward to the next memories…..

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