Syren – Crampton – 1882

Train at station

The photo of the train in the station was taken in 1882. It will be seen that there was then no living accommodation and the signals are on the platform.

There was a staff of ten and there are a few onlookers on the bridge.

The engine shown in the photo, No. 25, was originally bult in 1861-1862 by Hawthorn and Co. The designer was Crampton. It was then called the Syren. It was the first bogie train in the country built for express work. It ran badly however and damaged the permanent way.

The series resembles the Sondes class of tank having outside cylinders about midway along the engine, driving the tailing pair of coupled wheels.

As early as 1864 Martely (Loco superintendent) began altering them to 2-4-0 engines with inside cylinders. Rebuilt again in the 1880s – names were removed and numbers changed. Fireboxes were Cudworth type, wheels 5′ 6″ and cylinders 16 x 22

Superficially it looks like the engine you might find at Power house Museum.
Follow this up the name Crampton on Wiki and you will see a series of locos attributed to Crampton.

. See for a review by Jonathan Clancey.

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