Coronation 1953

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  1. campbell higgins

    At right side, lowest photo.
    In front of the glazed pair of windows (or doors) – at right side of photo.
    I’ll just mention 4 boys, who had their 12th birthdays this Coronation Year.

    From right to left.
    At right of glazed members : bespectacled Mick Rayfield (looking to his right, with left hand in front of mouth).
    Donald Green (next to him and same height). Darryl Jackson (in front of right glazed member, slightly in front of lady).
    And the shorter Colin Evenden (in front of largish lady with white hair, in front of left glazed member).

    Mick and Colin were neighbours at the top of Quarry Hill, west side.
    Darryl lived at the south end of that short row of residencies, opposite to them.
    And Donald lived in Rock Road

  2. campbell higgins

    Continuing from above – some work for those readers who are pressing me to mention relatives [in the photo] of those 4 boys. They can look for them.

    Donald’s brother David, and Colin’s brother Mick are there.
    Also their mothers, Mrs Green and Mrs Evenden.

    Also : see middle photo, bottom row.
    Mick Evenden is at middle of this photo. He is wearing a neck tie, dark/ sleeveless top, and paper hat.
    Next to him, to his left, are Valerie and Albert ‘Smiler’ Merritt from Claygate Cross. Behind Smiler, her face partly covered by his hat, is his dark-haired grandmother.

    During the latter part of WW2, there was a small Army camp at Mill Road, just north of Basted Paper Mill.
    And a barrage balloon and few buildings, in the cornfield behind the Merritt residence, at Claygate Cross.
    No matter how hard the soldiers and airmen tried to get Albert to smile, he frowned persistently until the end of the War.
    They were responsible for his nickname – and his name ‘Albert’, was rarely heard again.

  3. campbell higgins

    A few hours ago, I saw an octogenarian squinting through a magnifying glass at the partly covered face of Valerie and Smiler Merritt’s grandmother.
    So I pointed her out (she was recognized immediately) in another photo – at left, 2nd row from top.
    She is seated 3rd from right, with her daughter Rose (Valerie and Smiler’s Mother) standing behind her, 5th from right.

  4. campbell higgins

    Re : The 3 photos of Professor Cloke and his Clots, marching band.

    Do readers recognize any of the locations? And know which Cloke had this band?
    The photo 2nd row down at right, sure looks like the north/ commencement of Long Mill Lane, Platt – (Memorial Hall at left of photographer).
    If that is Platt, they may have just been passing ‘nice’ houses south of St Mary’s Church. Bob and Dick Cloke, who owned the grocery/ haberdashery store in BG high street, had ‘above average’ income customers residing in that locality.
    I wonder how long the distance/ duration of their march was – and if any substitutes were required. Though they do look on the ‘young’ side – somewhat younger than Bob and Dick.
    I only recollect Clokes, who were connected directly to them.

    • I think you are rigth with Platt. I beleieve Tolgate figures. I will look again to pick out other sections. With some of these photos I have transcribed Dad’s ( or A. N. Other’s) comment on the reverse. With others time won out.

  5. campbell higgins

    Re : “Someone I saw regularly/ what was her name?” Section.

    See photo : 3rd row down, at right.
    She is 2nd from left, with babe in arms. Mrs Evenden is next to her/ at end.

    See : single photo at bottom.
    She is sitting at right, with baby on lap.

    Photo : 2nd row down, at left.
    She is standing in middle, wearing dark clothing.


  6. campbell higgins

    Re : First comment above.

    On seeing Daryl Jackson’s name mentioned, several have remarked that they had not seen his sister Zena for a long while.
    Zena’s best friend while attending school had been Nona Judge. This was at BG Primary and Wrotham Secondary Modern, from 1944 until 1954.
    Zena (Mrs. Dalton) emigrated to Australia in 1964 and, since then, has ‘often’ returned to visit Borough Green.

  7. campbell higgins

    Thank you for those thanks on June 2, Ian.
    I needed that.
    A visitor to this website (and former resident of Quarry Hill) had mentioned the day before – [maybe he was feeling a little grumpy] – that the only person more boring than myself, is Martin Tyler!

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