High Street 1965

high street

High Street from the Crossroads

high street

High Street looking north from Ashtons

high street

High Street Bates, Baileys, Graces shop


High Street, National Provincial Bank


High Street – Cloke’s Store

high_ street06

High Street, Cave Austin Supermarket

High Street 07

High Street, Cave Austin Supermarket

high STreet 8

High Street, Cave Austin Supermarket

High Street

High Street, by Chapel

high_ street

High Street – Cloke’s store from bridge


High Street seen from Crossroads


3 responses to “High Street 1965

  1. “High Street by Chapel” Pretty confident that is my mum Jane Green (nee Wyatt) pushing my eldest brother Steven Green in the pram (he was 50 this year). Sister Tracey pulled along behind! The Greens were long time residents of BG.

  2. John Carruthers

    Colin :
    I attended Wrotham Secondary Modern with your mum – we left during 1955.
    I regularly used to see her, and her brother George, while they were living at Tollgate Estate.
    I remember your mum and dad being very good friends with Sandra Harris and Ralph Gill; late 1950s/early 1960s.
    My mum worked with your grandmother (Mrs. Green) during the early 1960s. They went on holiday together to the West Country/Widecombe in the Moor.
    I wonder how many will recognise your mum, at aged 25, in the photo?

  3. John Carruthers

    Colin :
    Here your mum has dark hair with her bob cut.
    For those who remember her from before, it’s quite difficult to recognise her.
    She had longer straight hair, almost to her shoulders. It was light brown, with natural thin honey streaks – and she had light, healthy-looking skin.
    I don’t know how I’m doing with my description, but with either appearance she looked good.

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