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  1. See the Basted House, shooting party photo, 1920.
    It includes Mr Pegrum, the former landlord of the Star and Garter public house, Claygate Cross and leading light of the successful 1930’s Crouch United FC.
    Claygate Cross was considered to be a part of Crouch and the nucleus of the squad were good, young local players.
    They included Tom Merritt, and 3 pairs of brothers – Ernie and Lou Clifton, Ernie and Billy Eaton, and Frank and Billy Buss. Two fathers, Bill Buss Snr and Bill Eaton Snr were committee members.
    They played on a sloping pitch, down Winfield Lane from the ‘Star’. I assume that the Star was also their dressing room and remember photos of the team taken in front of same. Bill Eaton Snr gave me one – it was about 18 x 12 ins and mounted. I had it displayed in my bedroom – I was about 10 years old at the time.
    The slope of their pitch was at it’s width. Fred and Perc Weller used to kid me that Bert Bailey, who had a shorter leg, played in goal for Crouch during the half that suited his handicap.
    Bert later became a committee member of Boro’ Green FC with the Weller brothers and Frank Bangay.

  2. Sevenoaks and District League – Division 2. 1934-35 season.

    It was comprised of 13 teams, which included local rivals :
    Crouch United Reserves, Albions (Borough Green), Stone Street and St Mary’s Platt.
    Some great local derbies!

  3. Re : previous comment.

    There I was, mentioning the local derbies in the division – and I missed out Ightham!

  4. campbell higgins

    Photo of Borough Green Wednesday Cricket Club, 1938.

    Wednesdays were “early closing days” and after 1 pm the High Street would be deserted.
    Saturdays were busy for the traders, and Wednesday afternoons off for workers was to make up for this – they made up most of the Wednesday cricket team.
    Residents were mostly affected by closing of the grocer’s shops. Notice grocer Dick Cloke being a member of the team.

    Crowhurst family members appearing in the Borough Green Wednesday CC and Borough Green CC photos.

    The Crowhurst sisters were the wives of Tom Marmont and Lou Masters.
    And Dan Crowhurst was the father, and Frank Crowhurst the brother, of the two wives.

    Also see : Past and Present/ Chapter 6/ Sports.
    ” The Brothers – A Cricketing Ballad, 1915.”
    Captain Dan Crowhurst [same as above] and his brother George, are mentioned in this poem by Miss Oxley.

  5. campbell higgins

    I will mention 3 of Dan Crowhurst’s grandchildren.

    Danny Masters (son of Lou).
    Lived in Crouch and attended BG Primary and Wrotham Road schools.
    He played in goal for Boro’ Green FC, and appears in 7 or 8 photos in DOCS section/ Football in 50s.
    Tommy Marmont (son of Tom).
    Lived in Platt and attended BG Primary and Wrotham Rd schools.
    He played in goal for Platt FC.
    Heather Crowhurst (daughter of Frank).
    Lived in Wrotham and attended BG Primary and Maidstone Grammar schools.
    She married Roger Ransley from Crow Hill – they were keen tennis players during their courtship.

    Roger and Tommy played in the same Platt Reserves team, which went undefeated to win Division 3 of the Sevenoaks and District League, in the 1958-59 season.

    Danny and Tommy completed 5 year apprenticeships – Danny as a carpenter and joiner with Hyders of Plaxol – and Tommy as an electrician with Arthur Ashton of No. 1 High Street, Boro’ Green.
    On completion of these, they decided to pursue different careers. After his National Service, Danny stayed with the RAF full time. I don’t know the type of employment that Tommy took up.

  6. campbell higgins

    See 2nd row down, at middle :
    The Boro’ Green team sheet for the Smith’s Senior Charity Cup Final, Boxing Day 1949.
    BG had tied their semi-final game 2-2 with Platt, and then won the replay.

    In the Final, they defeated Shoreham United by 8 goals to 1, at Knole Paddock.
    Four of those appearing for BG in that game, had not appeared in the 2-2 encounter with Platt.
    They were the left wing pair of Ron Gasson and Andy Anderson, left half Des Washford, and centre half Wilf Broadmore.

  7. campbell higgins

    Re : April 8th, 2013 post.
    I wasn’t going to mention this, unless someone corrected me!
    It was Frank Buss Snr, who was a committee member with Crouch United FC. Mind you, I’ve heard him called both Frank and Bill.
    His next door neighbour, Bill Eaton Snr, was also a committee member with the club.
    Their eldest sons, also players on the team, had been named after them.

    Frank Snr can be seen standing above, in the same capacity, with the Borough Green FC team of 1926.

  8. Any recollections of the old `Mid Kent News` which was published by Charlie Dunckley in the 50s and 60s? I used to `contribute` sports reports for games I played in – but like my sporting career, the old `newspaper` has probably been consigned to the flames.

    • There are some cuttings from that publication among the many things Dad & Mum collected. In particular I think there are some from the period in the 50s when the pavilion was being built.

      I have ordered them by date and may look to post some online. A thematic arrangement might actually be more suitable.

      I would hazard that copyright would not be a factor, though strictly speaking they would still be covered. The percentage rule, given the brevity of the clips, would probably allow for inclusion.

  9. Many thanks for that – I`ll look forward to them. If I recall correctly, most of the `copy` in the Mid Kent News was from voluntary contributions, although there were a couple of lads who worked for Charlie – possibly on the newspaper – they lived at Wrotham Heath/Addington, names like Barton and Riddle. They both played football for Offham when I did – that`s when I wrote some glowing accounts of my illusory prowess.

  10. campbell higgins

    Re : February 9/ 10:30 am comment.
    Those names – ‘Charlie Dunckley’, ‘Barton’, ‘Riddle’, are sure muddling a few memories!

    Charlie Rochez, from Addington, ran the newsstand at Borough Green railway station.
    George Dunckley, from Trottiscliffe, was the proprietor of the Mid Kent News which was based at Fairfield Road, BG.

    Both Roger Barnden (b.1939) and Dave Rendle (b.1942/ 3?) played football and cricket for Offham.
    Roger was a speedy left winger, and Dave a high scoring batsman.
    Dave’s father was Head of the Housing Dept at Malling RDC.

    I do not recollect Roger or Dave working full-time for Charlie or George – but their names are, to me, somewhat like Barton and Riddle.

  11. Many thanks, Campbell – memories sure get triggered, don`t they? I`ve now recalled that the Barton was one Ken Barton (not to be confused with Ken Bramley) and the Riddle was one `Taffy` Riddle, as he was Welsh. Both useful footballers for Offham for whom I played when not playing for Platt. I was pretty sure they worked for Charlie Dunckley at the Mid Kent News – the same Charlie Dunckley who was Chairman of Malling RDC in the mid/late `60s. I remember Roger Barnden very well and Dave Rendle not so well, although I knew his father, Ron, when he was Housing Chief at Malling RDC. For some reason Ron always referred to Dave as `Burbrook` – I think he was in insurance locally?

  12. campbell higgins

    Peter :
    Thanks muchly for that – I was 100% sure it was ‘George’ Dunckley.

    During the mid-50s, Basted CC matches versus Offham were among those most enjoyed.
    Offham players included :
    Opening batsman Fred Collins, wicket keeper John Puxley, bowling brothers Norman and John Brooker, Raymond King, and Roger Barnden.
    A few years later, Tony Collins and Dave Rendle were also playing for them.
    John Puxley was a Spurs fan, and a very good friend of Alan Gilzean.

    During the late-50s, Offham FC players included :
    The 3 Smitherman brothers (Derek, the youngest, went to Maidstone United), Stu Crouch, Malcolm Page (brother of John/ Colin), Roger Barnden, and Tony Collins.
    I remember a Maidstone United scout arriving after the start of a game – not having seen Derek before, he thought that Tony Collins must be him.

    Do you remember Ron Rendle’s secretary, Heather Mortimer?
    She was my girlfriend for a while.

  13. campbell higgins

    OK – one of the things I can’t get my head around :

    Was for sure, the proprietor of the Mid Kent News, the same individual who was the Chairman of Malling RDC?
    Charlie Rochez was the person I mostly heard, mention the name of the Mid Kent News owner.
    And I can plainly hear in my mind, him speaking about ‘George Dunkley’ (surname without a ‘c’.
    Is it possible that on making the big-time, he could have had a name change?

  14. campbell higgins

    Well Ian, some of your fans are going with their hearts, for a victory by Pacquiao this weekend.
    Even if you’re not interested, they would like a forecast from you.

    With Pacquiao ‘retiring and going full-time into politics after the fight’, some are still betting on Mayweather to lose this ‘first’ contest – then win 2 return fights between them – for a ‘best of 3’ series triumph.
    More are saying, irrespective of who wins this weekend, this will not be the only contest between them – something about money.

    I’m going with Mayweather to win, what say you?

    • I will go with the winner. Bxoing even less than cycling is not a sport I take to watching. I suspect that a focus on rugby at MGS probably put me off a lot of contact sports, and put me off some such as hockey that are not contact sports but seemed to become one.

      Floyd it is then

  15. campbell higgins

    Att : Christine Fuller.
    Re : Football in 50s.
    The photo 11th row down at right – the first match after pitch levelling at BG Recreation Ground, September 1950.

    To repeat, the 3 Frank Fullers that we have been mentioning were your dad – and your grandfather and his first cousin.
    When I first saw the photo, the caption named the entering supporter as Frank ‘Bandy’ Fuller.
    Although I thought that he might be your dad’s uncle, the name confusion – your Uncle George’s nickname being transferred to him – swayed me to your grandfather in my thinking.

    I am unaware of what your dad’s uncle looked like. I had heard quite a lot about him – his being your grandfather’s namesake and first cousin. And him living at Long Pond Cottages, and in approximately 1957 committing suicide at Long Pond.
    My main recollection of your grandfather’s appearance, had been on occasions at Spencer’s Cottages, Station Road – about the time that the photo was taken. He was not wearing a hat, and had pretty well lost the hair above his ears.
    He appeared to be a little shorter and older than the gentleman entering the Recreation Ground.

    With the Fullers, some had faces that looked very similar – especially their expressions. The spectator in the photo did ‘look’ like a Fuller, and similar to your grandfather.
    After your Uncle Alf passed away – your Uncle Bill, who also lived at Long Pond Cottages, was often mistaken for him.

    Sometimes I think that the gentleman who was entering the Recreation Ground was probably your grandfather’s first cousin – and sometimes that he was your grandfather.

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