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  1. Re: Boro’ Green F.C. photo, 1955. It mentions that Fred Weller was Hon. Secretary from 1946-56, and during that time BG FC won 22 Cups. Fred is standing at the right, next to his brother Perc. (also on Committee). They were also associated with Cup-winning teams before and after this period of time. For a blast further into the past, see them on the Boro’ Green Albions F.C. 1935 photo, with the team which won the Smith’s Charity Cup. I spent MANY hours as a schoolboy with Fred and Perc.,discussing the games, while they repaired shoes and other leather goods in their Sevenoaks Road shop. They are in quite a few photos, but see them with the BG FC team which trounced Eccles F.C. in the 1949-50, Kent Junior Cup, Group “A” Final. Standing in front of Perc., and cutting a fine figure wearing his supporter’s hat and scarf is Frank Bangay.

  2. One of the most prolific goal scorers ever for BG FC, was centre forward Ron Bennett

    See right side photo/ 14 from top/ Ron at left; and left side photo/ 15 from top/ Ron at right.

    Although fairly late in his career, these are quite typical – Ron scoring while surrounded by several defencemen.
    Dunton Green were fierce rivals, and their nervous supporters would jeer “walk it in, walk it in” – as Ron would look so menacing, while so outnumbered.
    And BG supporter ‘Chummy’ Gardner would reply – “Yes, and he will too” – and just after, the opposing goalkeeper would be fishing the ball out of the back of his net.

  3. See middle row photo, third from bottom.
    This is the BG second team which won the Tonbridge & District six-a-side tournament, in 1956.
    Back row : Neville Woodhams, Nigel Bennett and Reg Marsden.
    Front row : Bob Carlow, ‘Tich’ Bowman and Bob Geddes.

    In the final, they defeated the team which had knocked out the BG first team in the semi-final.
    In this huge upset, the two most unlikely players were the heroes.
    Goalkeeper Nigel Bennett made key/ timely saves, but had been BG Reserves left back during the regular season. Few (if any) had seen him play in any other position.
    ‘Tich’ Bowman had been hampered by injuries during the previous 18 months, and some wondered if he would recover his previous form. However, he impressed with his all-round play and highly important goals.

    See Nigel with his hand on the shoulder of ‘Tich’.
    Nigel normally only drank milk, but was hungover the next day.

  4. See middle photo, in 14th row from top.
    The Borough Green team which won the Tonbridge 6-a-side, 1953 Coronation Cup.

    Committee members standing : Perc Weller, Charlie Bailey and Fred Weller.
    Players standing : Reg Marsden, Ron Bennett and Bob Geddes.
    Players sitting : Johnny Stanley, Danny Masters and Ray Barkaway.

    Ray worked as a gas fitter with Frank Bangay.

  5. See middle photo, fourth from bottom.
    Players with wives/ girlfriends at 1956 Annual Dinner, George and Dragon, Ightham.

    Players in closest row, at right side of table :
    Starts with Neville Woodhams, then Bob Carlow, Nigel Bennett, not sure of next gentleman, then in dark jacket is Bob Geddes.

    Closest row at table behind/ to right :
    Jim Rayfield (bespectacled), then Tony Dobson, Mick ‘Salmon’ Farmer and Colin Geddes (I think).

    Generally, I cannot see others clearly enough to identify.

  6. Slight change to last comment, folks!
    Closest row at table behind/ to right :
    [should read]
    Jim Rayfield (bespectacled), then Tony Dobson, Peter Broadmore, Mick ‘Salmon’ Farmer and Colin Geddes.
    The first three lived at Quarry Hill and Mick at Sunnyside, opposite F.P.Caine Ltd.

  7. In the 1940s/ 50s, the most well-known player in the area was the BG captain, Bill Green.
    As a younger man, while a serviceman stationed in Scotland, he played some games for Dundee or Dundee United ( I haven’t been able to find out which one).

    To pick out just one photo at present, see upper right photo/ 4th from bottom.
    BG had just defeated Otford United 2-1, in the 1955-56 Sevenoaks Senior Charity Cup Final.
    Bill is holding aloft the trophy, supported on the shoulders of goalkeeper, Tony Dobson.

    The two programmes below the photos, show Bill selected as centre forward for two League Representative teams :
    for the Sevenoaks League versus Tonbridge League, 13th December, 1947 – and for the Tonbridge League versus Maidstone League, 23rd March, 1951. The latter fixture was played at BG Recreation Ground.

    Bill also played several seasons for Crockenhill in the Kent Amateur League.
    He was indeed a top quality player, and then some.

  8. Re : J.C.T. Page (1930-1990), Kent CCC player and coach.

    See fifth row from top/ photo at right.
    The BG Reserves team which defeated Dunton Green Reserves 5-3 in the Sevenoaks Junior Charity Cup Final – Easter Monday, 1948.
    John Page is at extreme left, back row. Frank Bangay’s workmate, Ray Barkaway, is 3 places to the right.

    John played cricket for the county from 1950 to 1963. He was initially opening fast bowler – and then on switching to off spin, became known as Colin. His appointment as coach helped Kent’s fortunes improve dramatically during the 1960s and 1970s, with young home-grown talent blossoming into world-class players.

    The Colin Page Scholarship is presented in his memory.

  9. The photo album cover at top right corner shows period to 1958.
    The Smith’s Senior Charity Cup Final was contested on Boxing Day, 1958 – just a little too late for a photo.

    Played between BG and St Mary’s Platt at Raley’s Field, Sevenoaks – Platt had scored 3 goals without reply after 25 minutes.
    But this was to illustrate the disappointments suffered by football supporters.
    Bill Webb Snr, the former Platt centre forward, was happy – his son Bill at right back and nephew Dave Webb (the former Maidstone United player) at centre forward, were playing well for Platt. And Bill Snr had several wagers with fellow workers at F.P.Caine Ltd, that Platt would lift the trophy.

    But BG’s trademark ‘never say die’/ comeback spirit, came into play – and they had clawed back Platt’s lead to one goal, with 15 minutes to play.
    And with their momentum and team depth of great significance, they scored the equaliser and winning goal to close out the game.
    Triumphant by 4 goals to 3, this was the third year in a row that BG had won this trophy.

  10. See 9th row from top : the middle photo.

    The BG team which defeated Eccles by 5 goals to 1 in the Group “A” Final of the 1949-50, Kent Junior Cup.
    The venue was Cobdown, Ditton Corner.

    Standing :
    Frank Bangay and Perc Weller (Committee members), Peter Crump, Johnny Stanley, Wilf Broadmore, Ron Toogood, Des Washford, Jack Bowen, and Fred Weller (Hon. Secretary).
    Seated :
    Ron Bennett, George Francis, Bill Green (captain),Ron Gasson and Andy Anderson.

    In the early to mid-fifties, Peter Crump, Wilf Broadmore, Ron Toogood, Des Washford and Ron Gasson had retired from playing – Jack Bowen moved on to St Mary’s Platt and George Francis to St George’s (Wrotham) – while Johnny Stanley, Ron Bennett, Bill Green and Andy Anderson were still playing for BG.

  11. During the 1940s/ 50s, John Weller lived in the top residence of the row running down Rock Road – across the narrow driveway from the Bennett family.
    His father Perc and Uncle Fred were committee members with BG FC – and there is a photo of them with BG Albions going back to the 1934-35 season (as committee members). It is the right lower photo, in 2nd row from bottom.
    It was taken after winning the Smith’s Charity Cup, in the replay versus St Mary’s Platt.

    During the mid to late 1950s, John attended the Judd School, Tonbridge and went to BG FC games with his dad and uncle. He appeared destined to follow in their football-associated footsteps.

    BG were members of the Kent Amateur League (later re-named Kent County League) from 1959 to 1991, then 1995 to 1999. And BG Reserves were members from 1961 to 1977.
    In 1989 ‘J.Weller’, as Treasurer of the League, was presented with a Management Committee Award.
    ‘John Weller’ is the League Historian and praised for his ‘meticulous research’.

    The BG John Weller would be about 70 years plus now. I wonder if he was the League Treasurer? – or is the League Historian? – or both?

    • In so far as the Wellers passed on the album which this selection is based on to my Dad as a gift, it might seem odd if John did undertake the role of historian. Had he assumed that mantle at the time then this collection would have passed to him. I have sent a collection of the images at a higher resolution to the guy who put the Platt FC site together.

      There is to my mind a somewhat amusing cutting ( or two ?) about how John was proposed for membership of the parish council but the seat went to the bank manager’s wife, for little reason other than that she had support from a certain quarter and was the said person’s wife. In terms of knowing the nuts and bolts of council work John would have been streets ahead of anyone else. I am not sure of his age and may look to verify it but would have placed him as somewhat under 70.

    • Yes, that is John Weller, I had correspondence from him when I needed confirmation on some missing league tables. I believe he was in Tenterden then, but that was around 10 years or so ago.

  12. It was in 2009, that I first saw ‘John Weller’ mentioned as the Kent County League Historian.
    His work seemed mainly trying to resolve some match results and final League table positions during the 1920s/30s.
    Especially some Eastern Section tables where it “proved impossible to resolve” some discrepancies.

    Those higher resolution images that you sent look good.
    Interestingly, when Platt Utd reached the 1988-89 Kent Junior Cup Final, three playing members of their team were : the Platt Utd Website Administrator, Dave Weller and Tim Shaw. And I think Alf Shaw might have been trainer.

  13. Oops! That was Trevor Shaw – not Tim.
    No wonder I didn’t get that Historian’s job.
    If they are brothers, I’m partly off the hook.

  14. As to names :
    In the 1950’s there seemed to be Bennetts here, there and everywhere in the BG area.
    Is any other name catching up with, or overtaking them?

  15. There are 4 or 5 photos in a row of the 1954-55 BG team which won the Sevenoaks League Division 1 title, and other trophies.

    See the middle photo, 16th row from top.
    Standing :
    Bob Arthur, Colin Scott, Neville Woodhams, Danny Masters, Reg Marsden and Bob McIlreavy.
    Kneeling :
    Ray Barkaway, Bob Geddes, Ron Bennett, Johnny Stanley and Andy Anderson.

    Bob Arthur had arrived that season from Ightham. Departures the following season, were Colin Scott to St Mary’s Platt and Neville Woodhams to St George’s (Wrotham).
    I think Bob McIlreavy was with BG for only that one season. I’m not sure where he was from, or where he went to – but he was an exceptionally good, classy player.

  16. Ian :
    Re : January 10th, 7:29am.
    On the Platt Utd FC website, Tim Shaw is in one photo which includes his father – and one other.
    There is a slight mix-up linking the player index with a photo, which involves Tim.
    So I am partly off the hook – sort of.

  17. There is a 1980s Platt Utd FC photo, with A.Shaw a member of the team.
    He has a moustache which, although he looks quite young, adds to the difficulty of guesstimating his age.
    Closer to my age are Bobby Hollebon and Don Slater, the team managers.

  18. See lower left side photo, 4th from bottom [including 2 programmes].

    Tom Merritt holds the trophy after Borough Green Rovers were victorious in the 1937-38 Kent Junior Cup Final.
    Tom had played for Crouch United prior to his spell with them.
    Following the Rovers he played for St Mary’s Platt and Borough Green.

    In the early 1960s Tom was playing for P & H United FC (Plaxtol & Hamptons) in the Tonbridge and District League.
    He said it was to keep up his fitness for playing with Basted Cricket Club – he was one of the finest bowlers in the area.

  19. See right side photo, third from bottom [including programme].

    Back row:
    Tich Bowman, Graham Woodhams, Tony Dobson, Bob Arthur, Johnny Stanley, Reg Marsden.
    Front row:
    Bill Green, Bob Geddes, Ron Bennett, Mick Bennett, Andy Anderson.

    Based on Mick looking 18, and born in 1940 – I would say that the year is 1958 (1957-58 season).
    I mention same, because another website with this photo states ‘year unknown’.

    • Hi there

      Mick Bennett is my father, unfortunately he passed away several years ago, I found this photo of him whilst searching old BG football team photo’s as he always talked about the days of playing for BG & how much he enjoyed it.

      DId you know my father?

      Do you know of any other photo’s with him in?

      Kind regards

      Paul Bennett

  20. See : left photo, 10th row down from top.
    Boro’ Green are on their way to defeating St John’s, Sevenoaks by 4 goals to 1, in a 1949 Kent Junior Cup tie.

    Boro’ Green goalkeeper, Ron Toogood, looks a little apprehensive as the bustling St John’s forward looks set for a sizeable collision with anyone who gets in his way.

  21. campbell higgins

    See left side photo, 12th row down from top.

    It’s September, 1950.
    After levelling of the Recreation Ground, this was the first game played – Boro’ Green versus Paddock Wood. The home team were victorious by 5 goals to nil.

    Paddock Wood players are in ‘quartered’ shirts, and Boro’ Green in white shirts.
    Boro’ Green players :
    Standing/ left to right : Peter Crump, Ron Toogood (gk), Jack Bowen, Tony Gasson, Johnny Stanley and Ron Gasson.
    Front row/ left to right : Ron Bennett, George Francis, Des Washford, Bob Pearce and Andy Anderson.

    Another website describes this as the first game following the opening of the Recreation Ground, War Memorial Sports Pavilion – that was several years later.

  22. campbell higgins

    Paul : Yours of Aug 10, 2014.

    I am sorry to hear about your dad passing away. I liked him, and he was very popular.
    He was a talented right winger – did he ever tell you that his ‘local’ was the Black Horse?
    We were in the same class at BG Primary and Wrotham Rd schools.
    He passed his 11-plus, but didn’t want to go – and was top of the class after that.

    I see that photo should have been described as at right/ 4th row from bottom, inc. programme.
    See also : at left [left of 2], 4th from bottom, inc. 2 programmes. It is the BG Reserves team which won the Sevenoaks Junior Charity Cup Final, 1957-58. Your dad is at left of kneeling players – the youngest again.
    Due to an injury, they played over 70 mins. of the game with 10 men (no subs allowed then).
    You can see both photos, larger and clearer, on the Platt Utd FC website. [click at bottom for BG photos].

    He was serving a papermaking apprenticeship at APM, but at about 19 or 20 years of age started working at Hyders of Plaxtol. And played for P & H United (Plaxtol & Hamptons), in the Tonbridge and District League.
    All the best!

  23. campbell higgins

    Paul Bennett.
    No! That Sevenoaks Junior Charity Cup Final game was during the 1956-57 season. He looked a bit tired after that game, playing with 10 men, didn’t he?

  24. campbell higgins

    Re : The trophy that Boro’ Green FC won, following an appeal :
    Sevenoaks Senior Charity Cup 1950-51 – versus Klingers Social. Final held at Knole Paddock, Easter Monday 1951.

    top row left :
    The Sevenoaks Chronicle, Klingers team photo, taken on the day of the Final.
    The ineligible player has the ball at his feet.

    top row middle :
    Written proof on the reverse of the photo, regarding the inegibility of Reg Syers, c/w 3 signatures.

    photo 12th row down, at right :
    Action in front of the Boro’ Green goal, during the Final.
    Below the ball, with his face to the camera, is the ineligible player – centre forward Reg Syers.

  25. campbell higgins

    Earlier in the season [mentioned yesterday].
    See : 3rd row down at right, and 4th row down at left.
    Fred Weller’s Boro’ Green FC programme notes, for the Smith’s Senior Charity Cup 2nd round tie, versus Halstead United – on the 18th of November, 1950.

    Captain Bill Green was not allowed to play, because he had played 3 “Senior” games for Crockenhill, early in the season. This was “in accordance with Sevenoaks League Council Rulings.”

    “Exactly the same decision has been arrived at by the Sevenoaks Charity Cups Committee.”
    And he mentions the ‘outside’ clubs in the Sevenoaks Charity Cup Competitions – and no check made on their playing members.
    Good grounding for Fred, before getting the Sevenoaks Senior Charity Cup awarded to Boro’ Green, by the end of that season.

  26. campbell higgins

    During the 1950s, Boro’ Green and Crockenhill supporters would expect Bill Green to spend a few seasons here and a few there – alternating between BG and the ‘Crocks’.

    “Seniors” Crockenhill, were Kent County League Premier Division runners up in 1952-53, and Champions the following season. And Kent County Western Section Division runners up in 1954-55, and Champions 1956-57.
    Divisions were re-named a few times.

    In the season following their Sevenoaks Senior Charity Cup Final game versus Boro’ Green, Klingers Social were runners up in the Kent County Premier Division.

    At about the end of the decade, Bill this time took the other two leading Boro’ Green goal scorers with him, for a spell with the Crocks.
    Boro’ Green were themselves, Champions of the Kent County Premier Division in 1961-62, and runners up the following season.

  27. campbell higgins

    League Representative team selectors were inclined to favour left wing combinations (the inside and outside left) from a single club.

    See programme 2nd from bottom, at left : Sevenoaks League versus Tonbridge League – December 1947.
    Hall and Wilson of Brasted, are the left wing pair for the Sevenoaks League.
    Boro’ Green FC’s Bill Green at centre forward, and Jack Bowen at left back are also members of the same team.

    See photo 7th row down, at right : Sevenoaks League versus Bromley League – Good Friday 1950.
    Ron Gasson and Andy Anderson of Boro’ Green FC, are the left wing pair for the Sevenoaks League.
    Borough Green FC’s Wilf Broadmore, was selected at centre half, and is standing 4th from left.

    See programme at right, bottom : Tonbridge League versus Maidstone League – Good Friday 1951. Borough Green Recreation Ground was the venue.
    Hunt and Fordham of Otford United, are the Tonbridge League left wing pair.
    Boro’ Green FC’s Bill Green at centre forward, and Jack Bowen at left back, also represented the Tonbridge League.

  28. campbell higgins

    Re : the photo 7th row down, at right : the Boro’ Green FC left wing pair.
    Inside left Ron Gasson, is standing 3rd from right – outside left Andy Anderson, is kneeling at right/ end.

  29. campbell higgins

    From the mid-1950s, see middle photo, 15th row down.

    Our local Sevenoaks and District League Champions.
    They had just defeated Kent Amateur Leaguers Sevenoaks United, by 2 goals to nil, in a Sevenoaks Senior Charity Cup tie.
    Defenders Peter Broadmore and Tony Gasson were making rare appearances for the first team, and performed solidly in this clean-sheet victory.

    Left to right :
    Standing : Peter Broadmore, Ray Barkaway, Danny Masters, Des Washford, Tony Gasson and Reg Marsden.
    Sitting : Bob Geddes, Ron Bennett, George Francis, Johnnie Stanley and Andy Anderson.

  30. campbell higgins

    Re : Comment of January 14th, 2014 and mentioning of the 1954-55 Boro’ Green team photos.

    This was the season that BG returned to the Sevenoaks & District League, from the Premier Division of the Tonbridge & District League.

    Leading goalscorers that season were : Ron Bennett (67), Johnnie Stanley (40), and Ray Barkaway (24).
    And 5 of their players were selected to the Sevenoaks & District League Representative team.

  31. campbell higgins

    Re : The 1954-55 Smith’s Senior Charity Cup Final, won by Boro’ Green.

    See photo 15th row down at right, action in front of the BG goal.
    Goalkeeper Danny Masters is shown going up for the ball – and with his back to the camera, the versatile Johnnie Stanley is providing insurance behind him.
    BG right half Colin Scott, is shown to the right of the pair.

    See photo 16th row down, at left.
    Following the game, captain and outside right Bob Geddes, is shown being presented with the Winner’s trophy

  32. campbell higgins

    See : middle photo, 4th from bottom – the 1955-56 season, Annual Dinner.

    At left side of table :
    George Francis (was rated highly by my dad), Colonel Frank Griggs (President), Tony Bailey (son of Charlie Bailey/ the BG FC Committee member, and owner of High St shoe shop, and Western Road shoe repair factory), Mrs Bob Arthur and centre half, Bob Arthur.
    At right side of table :
    left back, Reg Marsden, in dark jacket.

  33. campbell higgins

    Following on :
    Yes! ‘Hawkeye’, that is goal-scoring machine Ron Bennett – with his girlfriend Joan Bennett from Crow Hill, on his left – at the top of George Francis’ head. You can now continue your rest!

  34. Richard Ralph

    I’m researching for a book on the History of Kent football. I obtained some photos of Borough Green from Des Washbrook a good few years ago. I wondering if there are any photos of the Borough Green side that won the Kent Junior Cup in 1961. They defeated Dover Wanderers at Gravesend and Northfleet. They beat Wouldham in the Divisional final. The following season they lost to Snodland in the same final. I would also be interested in obtaining copies of some of the photos from the 50’s if at all possible.

    • Jane Bartholomew

      I am David Webb’s daughter. He was captain of team that won the Junior Cup in 1961 and was just looking at photos this afternoon! Are you still researching? I know dad won Sevenoaks Charity Cup & Shield with Borough Green but drawing a blank with information on that.

      • Jane Bartholomew

        Sorry, he wasn’t captain in 1961. It was the charity cup in 1965. He wrote the date on back of photos but not the team they were playing.

      • Thanks for the info. In truth I am not in much of a position to research having posted most things online and not being in Kent anymore. I am always happy to welcome comments relevant to what the site is about. A lot of the sports would have been reported in the local papers and so on micro0fiche, perhaps digitized.

      • Jane I’ve just seen your post as I’m writing a bit on Borough Green Rovers. Were the photos of the Kent Junior Cup side?

      • Mrs J Bartholomew

        Hi Richard,
        Sorry not replied sooner. The photos are at my mums and not able to see her at the moment but as soon as lockdown relaxed I will. There are photos of various teams he played in and a medal/plaque for the Junior Cup 60/61 final. I’ll ask mum to get the football stuff out and try and work out what we have.

  35. Hi Paul,

    I never knew your Dad even played football …….. but fascinating to hear.

    Hope you are well.


    Darren. (ex- Fairfieldian)

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