Fairfield Road & Novellos – 1965

Fairfield Road housing estate

novello works

Novello Music print works

3 responses to “Fairfield Road & Novellos – 1965

  1. my name now is linda hodges

    hi my name is linda miller and I lived on Fairfield eastate from when I was born till I got married …

  2. campbell higgins

    Hi! Linda –
    During the last 7 months, a few of us older ones have wondered if you are related by your marriage, to Robin Hodges.
    He was born in 1941, and lived in Fen Pond Road, Ightham – during the 1940s and 50s.
    He attended Boro’ Green Primary and Wrotham Road Schools. And a year after leaving school, was old enough to join the Merchant Navy – he did so in 1957.

    Rosemary Hodges also attended Wrotham Road School at about the same time as Robin,
    I can only remember, at the moment, that she may have lived in the Plaxtol area – had pale yellow in her hair and light freckles, sort of – and was not Robin’s sister or cousin.

    Now I’ll take a few of my gingko biloba memory capsules, and think about the ‘Miller’ name.
    We hopefully look forward to your reply!

  3. campbell higgins

    Linda :
    Pearl King was a year older, and Ian Bailey two years older – than Robin.
    Pearl and Ian were neighbours at Fairfield Estate, and also attended Wrotham Road School.
    I wonder if your parents, or grandparents, or someone – remembers their names?

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