Station Road 1965

3 responses to “Station Road 1965

  1. campbell higgins

    Ian :
    Re : The exterior of the front room, at No.10 Station Road, where your grandfather practiced with his British Legion band, during the early 1920s.

    Friends from London tell me that they recently went on a walking ‘day tour’ of BG,Basted, Claygate Cross and Crouch.
    They were armed with an information package, made up of photocopies from ‘History of BG/ photos/ Frank and Ian’.

    They said a highlight for them had been, when walking down Station Road, coming to No. 10.
    And that the appearance of the number – the ‘right’ weathering of the paintwork – the set of the door and window – and the light and shade of the building components – had for them, at that time and day, been “perfect”.

  2. campbell higgins

    Those adventurers from the smoke mentioned, enthusiastically, that the beers they downed in The Plough and The Black Horse were great. [that was after eyeing No. 10].
    They asked if there is an area guide that you personally recommend.

  3. campbell higgins

    The visitors quoted the following :

    “Summer days for me
    When every leaf is on its tree;”

    “Before green apples blush,
    Before green nuts embrown,
    Why one day in the country
    Is worth a month in town;”

    From within “Summer”. (Christina Rossetti).
    Written during mid-January in London.

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