Quarry Hill

2 responses to “Quarry Hill

  1. I was looking for a picture of the Willows, owned by MR Summers, my grandfather who lived on Quarry Hill road for along time. I was born at the Willows, then lived in Tonbridge, then emigrated to Canada when I was eight.

    • If you can let me know quite which of the houses that one is that may be a help. i don’t live in the area now and while I think I know which one it is, some more info will be of value. I have the sneaking suspicion – if it’s the one I think -that I don’t have one. The one I am thinking of had quite a dense hedge/set of bushes at the front and it was tricky to get an image of the house from the road.

      if you think otherwise please let me know and I’ll see what’s around.

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