Quarry Hill, Conyerd Road 1965

fish_ shop

Fish shop – Quarry Hill looking towards Co-op

novello_ houses

Novello Houses on Landway off Quarry Hill

Oak tree

Coronation Oak Quarry Hill

quarry_ hill

Quarry Hill – from Harrison Road junction

Quarry Hill

Quarrry Hill terrace

Quarry Hill

Quarry Hill looking south

Quarry Hill -

Quarry Hill – from near Church Hall

quarry works

Quarry plant see from roadway

conyerd r oad

Conyerd Road

2 responses to “Quarry Hill, Conyerd Road 1965

  1. campbell higgins

    See top photo, outside Swinbourne’s Fish & Chip shop.

    That attractive lady sure looks like Mrs Jean Bennett, nee – Bent.
    Maybe Christine Fuller will confirm this is her.
    Jean was born approximately 1934/ 35.

    I mentioned her :
    December 15th, 2013/ THEMED : Potters Mede
    December 16th, 2014/ FRIENDLY GLIMPSE : A Friendly Glimpse.

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