Rock Road


5 responses to “Rock Road

  1. Mr Charles Lovell was landlord of ‘The Rock’.
    I heard that his daughter married Barry Pilkington Slater, a member of the Slater’s Butchers family. They were located in Western Road, then at Fourways.
    I further heard that they emigrated to New Zealand – was that the case?

  2. My grand parents William James Hill and Harriet F Hill lived at 1 Rock Road. William Hill and Ellen A Hill, Williams parents lived at no 9 Rock road both are shown as papermakers in the 1911 census.

  3. Alan,
    from Brisbane — born Rock Road.

    ‘3,000 houses will absolutely ruin Borough Green.’
    Well, what is there to ruin at Rock Road – or is Alan an Aussie joker now?!

  4. John Carruthers

    You’re a good fair dinkum sport/ Blog author!
    Following a short delay, I thought you weren’t going to allow this to appear.
    Actually, during the 1940s/ 50s, I got on well with several families in Rock Road – from the top : the Bennetts, Wellers, Greens, and others, down to the Lovells in the ‘Rock’ pub.

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