This site is based around the photo collection and books of the late Frank Bangay, who spent much of his life amassing, listing and displaying photos of the place he loved so well.

The site is designed to bring the name of Borough Green, Kent, England to a wider audience through the means of the World Wide Web.

Through his own publishing endeavours Frank Bangay had already established his own Web, with copies of his small booklets finding their way across the globe, sometimes to relatives, sometimes to people who had emigrated, but wished to keep in touch with this community.

The content of the book is shown here. This is subject to copyright as is other material added to this site.

Should you use to wish any of it please seek consent, which will usually be given for personal or educational purposes. The information found in this blog is made freely available here.  Should you find anyone seeking to profit from redistribution of this material please let me know.