Borough Green has many things in its favour, among them a primary school, nursery schools, School Parents Associations, Sunday School, Fellowship of Youth, Guides, Rangers, Venture Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies, Football, Cricket and Tennis clubs, British Red Cross, Young Wives Societies, Lepra, library, Women’s Institutes, Keep Fit, British Legion, Parish Council, Woodvale Dancing, Borograds, Age Concern, Lunch Clubs, WRVS, Toc H, and lastly, Ballet, Bowls and Badminton. Missing from the list? … A BYPASS!



Main Title: Borough Green past and present
Author: Bangay, Frank G.
Imprint: The author, 1994.
Collation: 36p. : illus.
Dewey Class: 942.23 BORO
Local Class: K/Borough Green BAN
Language: English
Index Terms: Borough Green
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